Conflict of Interest

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Current Status: Sent For Approval - with Sponsor 29 November 2018

Conflict of Interest Policy

Policy Code: CG1059


The University values integrity and is committed to ensuring that both its official activities and those of its community members conform to the highest standards of administrative conduct. This Policy confirms the obligation of all members of the University community (including students) to ensure that no conflict of interest exists between their personal interests and their duties and responsibilities to the University.


This policy applies to all members of the University community who may be in a position to inappropriately influence decisions according to their own interests or beliefs.


Term Definition
Conflict of interest A conflict of interest arises where there is a divergence between the individual interests of a person and their professional responsibilities such that an independent observer might reasonably conclude that the professional actions of that person may be unduly influenced by their own interests. This can include actual, perceived or potential conflicts of interest.
Members of the University Community Includes staff, students, members of the University Council  and members of any board, committee or other body established by or constituted under the University Statutes and Regulations.
Staff Includes any person who has an employment contract with the University and/or its predecessors on a full-time, part-time, sessional or casual basis, or those employed through a contract for services.
Student Means any person enrolled as a student of the University, including full-time, part-time, block-mode or distance education students, who is or appears to be in a position to make decisions on behalf of the University, or influence decisions made on behalf of the University.

Policy Statement

All members of the University community must avoid actual, potential and perceived conflicts of interest, including but not limited to ethical, legal, financial or other conflicts of interest. It is the responsibility of all members of the University community to ensure that their activities and interests do not conflict with their obligations to the University or its welfare.


The Vice Chancellor is responsible for ensuring the effective implementation of this policy.