Qualification Training and Assessment Management Plan (QTAMP)

Qualification Training and Assessment Management Plan (QTAMP)

Policy Code: LT1418


  • To provide a checklist identifying regulatory and quality requirements to ensure they are being addressed by each Program delivered and awarded by the University. 
  • To ensure all staff are aware of the regulatory and quality requirements which apply to all VET Programs.
  • To clearly identify records to be generated, maintained, stored and produced upon request by Faculties/Centres.
  • To drive the continuous improvement of Programs delivered and awarded by the University.


  • The Qualification Training and Assessment Management Plan (QTAMP) should be developed for each Program with expected enrolments by 31 December the year prior to the commencement of delivery.
  • Where a University Partner or a 3rd party deliver the program, or the program is delivered off shore and interstate, a separate QTAMP must be developed to specifically address this program.
  • The QTAMP must be reviewed at least annually, or earlier if changes occur.
  • Where an item is ticked yes, it is expected evidence is available upon request.
  • It is strongly recommended all or key teaching staff are involved in the delivery of the Program be included in the review and completion of this document.
  • The QTAMP can be completed in Moodle with supporting evidence attached as required or Faculties may complete and store a hardcopy version.

Note:  This document should be referred during delivery to ensure requirements are being met. All items as noted in the Record Keeping section should be collected and collated during and upon completion of delivery of the program.



If you have any problems or queries in relation to completing the QTAMP, please contact Quality Services by email: quality@federation.edu.au