Discipline and Behaviour

Eating in the Classroom (Federation College) Guidelines

Policy Code: LT1605


This describes the Federation College guidelines for consumption of food and drinks in classrooms by both staff and students. The purpose of the guidelines is to ensure classrooms are free of damage from food/drinks and that consumption of food/drink is not a distraction to learning.


These guidelines relate to all staff and students of Federation College.

  1. No food to be eaten in classrooms. The only exception is the Project Room (vinyl floor) which is used for the preparation of food for Electives.
  2. No drinks (other than water) to be consumed in classrooms.
  3. The consumption of food and drinks to be confined to students timetabled “break” times only and can occur in the student lounge area.
  4. Students who arrive at the Tec for Mentor session who have not eaten breakfast are able to be marked on the role as present and then move to the student lounge to eat breakfast during the time allocated for Mentor session. This is to be seen as a “one off” for a student and not a regular pattern to be supported. The expectation is that students eat breakfast before classes begin at 9.00am. Students must then be ready for the start of Session 1 class. If this privilege is abused, the right is withdrawn from that student.
  5. Students who break the rules associated with consumption of food/drinks in classrooms will be referred to the Head, Federation College or Head, Student Programs. An Incident Report is to be completed by the teacher/staff member prior to the student being referred. This will result in the student being given cleaning duties. 


These Guidelines are supported by Physical Resources as implementation will assist cleaning staff with ensuring classrooms are not damaged by food and that rubbish is restricted in the classrooms.

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The Eating in the Classroom Guidelines has been implemented throughout Federation College via:

  1. inclusion on the University's online Policy Library; and
  2. distribution of e-mails to Federation College teaching staff regarding availability of Guidelines.