Federation University Australia Medal

Awarding of the Federation University Australia Medal Policy

Policy Code: LT1294


This Policy sets out the conditions for awarding the Federation University Australia Medal (the University Medal) and should be read in conjunction with the Federation University Australia Medal Guidelines.


This Policy applies to students who have completed the requirements for an undergraduate bachelor's degree, a joint bachelor's degree, or a bachelor's honours degree at Federation University Australia.


Student: Any person enrolled as a student in an undergraduate degree(s) at the University.
Bachelor Degree: Is an undergraduate degree.
Joint Bachelor's Degree: Refers to one undergraduate degree branching across two discipline areas.
Bachelor's Honours Degree:

Is either:

  1. an additional year of study following the completion of a 6 semester Bachelor degree, or
  2. a specific sequence of studies within an 8 semester Bachelor degree.

Policy Statement

Federation University Australia recognises and rewards student academic achievement as part of its commitment to providing effective and high quality learning opportunities. The University Medal is normally conferred annually by the University Council in recognition of outstanding academic performance.


To be eligible for the award, students must have completed the requirements for a bachelor's degree of the University including those who have completed a double bachelor's degree or a bachelor's honours degree, and must not have previously been awarded the University Medal.


The Academic Board has responsibility for managing the nomination and selection process through the University Medal Committee. The Committee shall comprise of members of Academic Board Executive Committee.

Terms of Reference

The University Medal Committee shall:

  1. consider nominations received from the Faculties in accordance with the Federation University Australia Medal Guidelines;
  2. recommend to the University Council the recipient(s) of the University Medal for the Council's endorsement;
  3. recommend to the Academic Board on policy and guidelines relating to the award of the University Medal; and,
  4. provide guidelines to the Faculties with respect to the nomination of candidates for the University Medal.


  1. The University Medal is presented by the Chancellor on behalf of the Council at the relevant graduation ceremony.
  2. The award of the University Medal is recorded on the student transcript.
  3. A student may be awarded no more than one University Medal.
  4. On the recommendation of the University Medal Committee, Council may resolve not to award the University Medal in a particular year or to award more than one University Medal in any one year.


The Academic Board is responsible for ensuring the effective implementation of this policy.

Implementation and Communication

The Awarding of the Federation University Australia Medal is to be implemented throughout the University community via:

  1. an Announcement Notice posted on the University's News Webpage;
  2. inclusion in the University Policy Library;
  3. memo forwarded to Faculty Boards