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VET Group Set Up Procedure

Policy Code: SS1012


This procedure describes how to set up specific student groups for delivery of TAFE courses and how this information is entered onto APTUS.


This procedure applies to all staff involved in any stage of the process of setting up student groups and entering this data onto APTUS.

Establishing Group/s for the Course

Entering Data onto APTUS


Term Definition
APTUS: The University’s VET student information management system.
Academic Board: Provides academic oversight of prescribed programs and courses of study in Technical and Further Education in the University.
Curriculum Documents: Course descriptor documents approved by an accrediting body at the National, State or the University level, including Training Packages.
Curriculum Maintenance Manager (CMM): Person having responsibility for supporting the strategic objectives of the Victorian Government by providing advice on the implementation of national training packages and curricula for all RTO's in Victoria. A list of CMMs can be found at http://trainingsupport.skills.vic.gov.au/default.cfm
Group: A defined combination of students. A group is used to manage and track course delivery and result entry for a group of students. APTUS issues a unique ID identifier to each group.
Scope of Registration:

The defined scope for which a training organisation is registered that identifies the particular services and products that can be provided. Federation University Australia’s Scope of Registration may be viewed at Training.gov

Training.gov is the Official National Register on VET in Australia and is the authoritative source of information on training packages, qualifications, accredited courses, units of copmetency, skills set and Registered Training Organisations.

Statute 5.1 – The Schedule: A listing of the University academic awards approved for issue by the University Council. Refer to: Statute 5.1 - The Schedule.
Syllabus: A listing of the accredited units of competency or modules used for enrolment (including their national or state codes and nominal duration) within a particular course or qualification.
Training Package: An integrated set of nationally endorsed competency standards, assessment guidelines and Australian Qualifications Framework qualifications for a specific industry, industry sector or enterprise.
Unit: To simplify the language used in VET procedures and associated documents, the word ‘unit’ has been uniformly used to encompass both a ‘unit of competency’ from Training Packages and a ‘module’ from curriculum based courses.


Establishing Group/s For The Course

1. Verify the course has been established on APTUS. Program Coordinator If the course has not been correctly established, Refer to: Adding a new course or amending course data on APTUS (VET) Procedure SS1011.
2. Decide how the course will be delivered and identify potential student groups. Program Coordinator

Factors to be considered include:

  • course structure/co ordintation;
  • start & end dates ;
  • location of delivery;
  • mode of delivery;
  • mode of study (part-time/fulltime).
3. Complete Group Data Form. School Representative

Group Data Form is printed from the Syllabus Screen in APTUS. If you require assistance to access this form, contact Program Management & Compliance.

Include unit start and end dates, delivery campus code and delivery type code.

4. Check and authorise Group Data Form. Program Co-ordinator

Forward completed form to Program Management & Compliance.

A copy of the Group Data Form should be retained in the School until data is accurately entered on APTUS.

Entering Data Onto APTUS

1. Check Group Data Form for accuracy and completeness. Program Management & Compliance If not complete, return form to Program Co-ordinator.
2. Enter data onto APTUS and file Group Data Form Program Management & Compliance  
3. Advise School by e-mail that group is now available on APTUS. Program Management & Compliance  
4. Access group listing from APTUS for enrolment purposes. School Representative

Check that fees are correct and printed on Unit Enrolment Sheet prior to enrolling students.

Create E-Selection of Units from 'My Groups' in APTUS to enrol students. If you require assistance in creating an E-Selection of Units contact Program Management & Compliance.


  • Director – Academic Services has responsibility for the maintenance of this procedure.
  • Specific responsibilities are included under Actions.


The Setting Up Groups on APTUS (TAFE) Procedure will be implemented throughout the University via:

  1. an Announcement Notice under ‘FedNews’ on the ‘FedUni’ website and through the University Policy - ‘Recently Approved Documents’ webpage to alert the University-wide community of the approved Procedure; and
  2. inclusion on the University's online Policy Library; and/or
  3. information Sessions; and/or
  4. training Sessions; and/or
  5. documentation distribution, eg. posters, brochures.

Associated Documents

  • Adding a new course or amending course data on APTUS (VET) Procedure SS1011
  • Group Data Form (available via APTUS only).

Forms/Record Keeping

Title Location Responsible Officer Minimum Retention Period
Group Data Form Student Management & Compliance Manager Student Management & Compliance Destroy after administrative use is concluded