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Document Currently Under Review

Current Status: For Uni-wide Comment 9 September 2021

Sponsorship Requests to the University Policy

Policy Code: CE1580


This policy provides a consistent framework for considering and responding appropriately to sponsorship requests directed to the University. Requests may come from individuals, groups and organisations for financial or other assistance, in return for the promotion of a service provided by the University or in some way increasing public awareness of the University.


This policy relates to requests for funds allocated under the Vice-Chancellor's Sponsorship category, but serves as a guide for other staff members receiving similar requests.


Term Definition
Sponsorship Means a transaction between the University and an individual, group or organisation whereby financial or other assistance is provided by the University towards the production of goods, services, activities or events in return for promotion of the University and its courses.

Policy Statement


Sponsorships are used to maintain and enhance the University’s corporate image and identify its role as a good corporate citizen. Limited funds are made available annually for this purpose.

The University receives many requests for sponsorship, support, prizes and assistance from a wide variety of organisations, schools, community groups and individuals. While we would like to help everybody, we are unable to proceed with requests that do not fit within our sponsorship objectives. In addition, budgetary constraints can limit our involvement with sponsorships.

While we are always open to requests for sponsorship, please bear in mind that we may not always be able to help.

Proposals that are clear, concise and well researched make it easier for the sponsorship team to consider your proposal. Please carefully read the following information below.

Our evaluation is based on

The University will evaluate all sponsorship proposals on a case-by-case basis taking into consideration the following criteria:

  • Alignment with the University’s values and our community focus. (This information can be found in the Strategic Plan 2018-2022)
  • Demonstrated tangible benefits to the University and the community
  • The University’s existing sponsorship commitments
  • Achieving balance and variety in the types of sponsorship applications we approve
  • Available budget and financial allocation

Guidelines to take into consideration

  • While we are always open to all types sponsorship requests, applications that reflect the core activities and purpose of the University i.e. education, research and community engagement may be given higher priority
  • The over-arching principle guiding decision-making in relation to requests for sponsorship must be that of mutual benefit. That is, there must be clear benefits both to the sponsorship seeker and to University as a sponsor
  • Servicing of a sponsorship should not require the significant use of staff time and University resources
  • Requests for renewal cannot be guaranteed and require the applicant to re-submit an application

Applications that will not be sponsored

  • Repeat requests for sponsorship (for example an annual event). The University endeavours to support new ventures and community events
  • Sponsorship that conflicts with, or is too similar to an existing University sponsorship
  • Retrospective sponsorship of any project, event or organisation
  • Specific activities or events run by Schools or Sections within the University – these should be the subject of funding proposals as part of the University’s own internal budgetary process
  • From organisations having no direct association with the University's key regions - Wimmera, Ballarat, Berwick and Gippsland, because they would not generally meet the mutual benefit principle
  • Requests for sponsorship by individuals participating in a group activity, on the grounds that this may discriminate against others within the group
  • Requests not aligned with core educational values and functions of the University
  • Individuals seeking support or raising money
  • Fundraising organisations or aid appeals
  • Sponsorship arrangements with the University that require product endorsements
  • Sponsorship and/or signage that in any way conflicts with the images, reputation or the good name of the University
  • Sponsorship that conflicts with the University policies or principles or with existing sponsorship arrangements
  • Proposals linked to tobacco, alcohol or other products which could prove controversial or divisive

Conditions of funding

  • All Vice Chancellor sponsorship applications must be made online at
  • Successful applicants enter into a formal agreement or contract that details the mutually agreed sponsorship conditions
  • Our decision will be final regarding funding decisions under our sponsorship process
  • The University does not provide additional revenue for advertising associated with a sponsored event
  • We may, but shall be under no obligation to, give reasons for not accepting any applications
  • The University reserves the right to decline proposals that do not meet the above criteria, and to terminate agreements if they fail to meet agreed commitments
  • Successful applicants must be able to provide an invoice on company letterhead and must have a registered ABN.


The Vice-Chancellor is ultimately responsible for ensuring the effective implementation of this policy.

The Manager, Public Relations and the Public Relations Officer, Public Relations will be responsible for administering the policy.

Legislative Context

Not applicable.

Associated Documents


The Sponsorship Requests to the University Policy will be implemented throughout the University via:

  1. an Announcement Notice under ‘FedNews’ on the ‘FedUni’ website and through the University Policy - ‘Recently Approved Documents’ webpage to alert the University-wide community of the approved Policy.
  2. inclusion on the University's online Policy Library.