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Media Relations

Document Currently Under Review

Current Status: Under Review - With Editor 29 March 2021

Media Relations Guidelines

Policy Code: CE1422


The Media Relations Guidelines set out the standards expected of staff when engaging with the media. It will ensure that communication with the media is high-quality, consistent and co-ordinated and will assist in maintaining a constructive and mutually beneficial relationship with the media. These Guidelines should be read in conjunction with the Staff Code of Conduct Policy and Acadmic Freedom and Freedom of Speech Policy 2021.

  1. Staff must notify the Public Relations Unit when contacted by the media. The Media Officer will assist with drafting media releases, interview techniques and providing advice on protocol for visits to the University by media representatives. All media releases must be released through the Public Relations Unit.
  2. Staff are encouraged to speak to the media about issues relating to their area of specialisation in teaching and/or research, but are not permitted to comment on University policy or management decisions. In certain circumstances, the Vice-Chancellor may nominate a staff member to provide comment on a specific issue.
  3. Public comment by staff, including interviews on television, radio, newspapers, on-line and speaking engagements (conferences, guest lectures) should be limited to topics related to their area of expertise in teaching and/or research.
  4. Staff expressing public comment on political or social issues as individual citizens should not use their University title/position.
  5. Staff must ensure that they do not use information about students or other staff members inappropriately. This includes breaching confidentiality, privacy and discussing commercially sensitive information. Permission to photograph or use a photographic image of a student under 18 years of age must be granted and a Digital Image Release Form completed by the subject prior to the event.
  6. The Public Relations Unit can provide advice on any of these matters. These Guidelines will be reviewed regularly in consultation with staff.