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Higher Education Academic Teaching Requirements

Higher Education Academic Teaching Requirements Policy

Policy Code: CG1998


This Policy provides the principles to ensure that Federation University academic staff who teach award programs:

  • are appropriately qualified in the relevant discipline by having a qualification at least one Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) standard level higher than the program of study being taught; or are deemed to have obtained the "equivalent professional experience" in lieu of the formal qualification;
  • have a sound understanding of current scholarship and/or professional practice in the discipline that they teach;
  • have an understanding of the pedagogical and/or adult learning principles relevant to the students being taught; and
  • provide students with an appropriate level of access to academic support throughout their studies.


This policy applies to all academic staff engaged in the delivery of all undergraduate and postgraduate award programs, whether employed directly by the University or by its teaching partners (both on and offshore).

Legislative Context

  • Federation University Australia Act 2010
  • The Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency Act 2011 (TEQSA Act)



Academic levels The qualifications, duties and responsibilities of academic staff members in accordance with the Minimum Standard for Academic Levels as per the University Collective Agreement.
Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) The Australian Qualifications Framework is the national policy for regulated qualifications in Australian education and training. It incorporates the qualifications from each education and training sector into a single comprehensive national qualifications framework. The AQF was first introduced in 1995 to underpin the national system of qualifications in Australia encompassing higher education, vocational education and training and schools.
GCETE Graduate Certificate in Education (Tertiary Education)
Partner provider (also referred to as third party) An approved educational institution that delivers university programs/courses as part of an agreement with Federation University
Qualification Accredited programs and National Training Package qualifications.
Performance Review and Development Program The Performance Review and Development Program (PRDP) is the University's performance management process whereby strategic priorities and objectives are aligned to the performance and professional development of employees.
Program A program is a course of study/research leading to the granting of an official award or qualification of the University contained in Schedule 5.1 of the University's Legislation. A program contains subsidiary elements variously referred to as courses, competency units or modules

Policy Statement

This policy sets out the University’s guiding principles relating to the qualifications, knowledge and skills required by academic staff teaching higher education award programs.

Principle Demonstrated by:
The University ensures its academic teaching staff have the required level of qualifications, knowledge and skills.
  • Engaging academic teaching staff who hold a qualification at least one level higher than the program they are teaching or can demonstrate knowledge and skills equivalent to one AQF level higher than the program they are teaching
  • Utilising a consistently applied and transparent equivalency process for establishing equivalent knowledge and skills
  • Retaining records of academic teaching staff’s qualifications and/or evidence of the equivalency mapping and plan to achieve AQF+1
  • Monitoring the progress and completion of Graduate Certificate in Education (Tertiary Teaching) (GCETT)
  • Ensuring academic teaching staff engaged in research supervision are registered as supervisors as per the HDR Supervision Policy
The University ensures that students have an appropriate level of access to academic teaching staff.
  • Communicating to academic teaching staff that they are required to be accessible to students seeking individual assistance with their studies, at a level consistent with the learning needs of the student cohort
  • Negotiating workload as per School requirements while meeting Union Collective Agreement requirements
  • Monitoring students’ accessibility to academic staff  to ensure this is at an appropriate level
The University encourages ongoing scholarship among academic teaching staff to ensure currency in teaching and learning.
  • Ensuring all academics have an understanding of  current scholarship/professional practice in their nominated discipline
  • Encouraging academic staff to identify and incorporate specific scholarly activities in the development objectives of their Performance Review and Development Program (PRDP)
  • Encouraging academic staff to document their ongoing scholarship in a Portfolio format as currently used for Academic Promotion
  • Utilising the peer review process of teaching materials for academic staff to ensure currency of scholarship
  • Providing academic staff with relevant professional development opportunities


The Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) is responsible for the Higher Education Academic Teaching Requirements Policy.


The Higher Education Academic Teaching Requirements Policy will be communicated throughout the University via:

  1. An Announcement Notice under "FedNews"
  2. Inclusion on the University's online Policy Library; and/or


The Higher Education Academic Teaching Requirements Policy will be implemented throughout the University via:

  1. Information Sessions within each School