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Breastfeeding of Infants

Breastfeeding of Infants Policy

Policy Code: CG1050


To create an environment that provides support and flexibility for breastfeeding students and staff, in their transition back to study or work, and in their roles as parents, and to give effect to the University’s legal and policy obligations with respect to breastfeeding.


This policy applies to all staff, students and visitors in all the University activities and/or locations, including students studying at the University’s partner provider locations.

Legislative Context

•   Victorian Equal Opportunity Act 2010

•   Commonwealth Sex Discrimination Act 1984

•   Victorian Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004

•    Commonwealth Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012


Term Definition
Staff: any person who is an employee of the University including, for the purpose of this Policy, other contracted staff
Student: any person enrolled as a student of the University
Visitor: any person, who is not a student or a member of staff, attending a University activity and/or location
University Activity: any activity, or location of an activity, for which the University has responsibility as part of the University operations

Policy Statement

The University supports the choice of staff, students and visitors to breastfeed their infants in locations that they consider comfortable and suitable to their needs.

The University supports staff and students who wish to continue to breastfeed on their return to work or study and commits to policies and practices which support and provide flexibility to breastfeeding staff and students.

However, the University recognises that, in some situations, there are reasons why access for infants to University activities may need to be refused or limited. As such, requests for the introduction of infants to University activities must be considered reasonably and in accordance with the Children in University Activities Procedure.

The University will take all reasonable steps to provide access to suitable facilities for breastfeeding and/or expressing and/or storing breast milk through taking steps to have at least one designated and properly maintained facility on each campus or through providing facilities, on an ad hoc basis, responding to the needs of breastfeeding students and staff.

When a staff member wishes to breastfeed/express milk in the workplace, their manager, in consultation with them, will endeavour to ensure a suitable environment is available.

Managers will permit breastfeeding/lactation time-breaks for breastfeeding staff.

Any person who believes that they have experienced discrimination or harassment in breach of this Policy can seek advice and information on courses of action available to them from the Manager, Equity and Equal Opportunity. The relevant internal complaint processes are outlined in the Equal Opportunity and Valuing Diversity Policy.


University staff and students are expected to abide by Policy and legislative protections which support the choice of staff, students and visitors to breastfeed their infants in locations that the staff, students and visitors consider comfortable and suitable to their needs.

The Manager Equity and Equal Opportunity is responsible for the provision of advice to staff and students, to assist in the implementation of this Policy, and is responsible for promulgation of this Policy.

The Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Student Support and Services) has overall responsibility for the implementation of this Policy.


The Breastfeeding of Infants Policy will be communicated throughout the University via an Announcement Notice via FedNews and on the 'Recently Approved Documents' page on the 'Policies, Procedures and Forms @ the University' website to alert the University-wide community of the approved Policy.