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Fellows of the University

Fellows of the University Guidelines

Policy Code: CG1299


The award of "Fellow" recognises distinguished service to the University and means Fellow of the University (honoris causa) with Fellow Ballarat as the post nominal.

Council May Appoint Fellows of the University

  1. The Council may confer honoris causa the title of the University on persons who have given distinguished service to the University. For service to be considered as distinguished, the service must be well beyond the normal expectations of the persons former role or association with the University.
  2. The award of Fellow of the University will be limited in number and only conferred in recognition and celebration of distinguished service to the University at the highest level.
  3. Current elected representatives in government in Australia at Local, State and Federal level and current staff, students or members of committees of the University or persons being remunerated by the University are not eligible to be appointed as Fellows of the University.
  4. Other than in exceptional circumstances, the award of Fellow of the University will not be conferred on persons who are deceased.


  1. Council will consider recommendations from its Executive Committee of suitable people on whom to confer the title Fellow of the University.
  2. A Fellow of the University shall be entitled to wear the academic dress for an honorary doctorate without hood and shall have the title conferred at a University ceremony.
  3. A Fellow of the University shall not, by reason of the office, be a member of the University.