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Naming of Buildings

Naming of Buildings and Facilities Policy

Policy Code: CG1962


Federation University Australia has a long-standing practice of commemorating important events and acknowledging individuals or organisations that have made significant contributions through the naming of its buildings, facilities or other spaces which provides a highly visible and enduring honour or for a specified time. This policy provides a consistent and transparent framework to address the philanthropic, honouring and/or functional naming of buildings and facilities owned and operated by the University.


This policy applies to all buildings, facilities and other spaces on all campuses.

Legislative Context

  • Federation University Act 2010


Term Definition
Benefactor A person (alive or deceased), company or organisation that contributes a monetary or other benefit (such as a donation or gift) to the University
Bequest A gift provided by way of a Will
Chancellor’s Circle A benefactor recognition program with the specific purpose of acknowledging bequests and major donors of the University.
Buildings and Facilities All property, buildings (including discrete parts of buildings that are identified externally), spaces, amenities and large items of equipment owned by Federation University Australia (covering all campuses)
Donation (also Gift) A voluntary transfer of money or property to the University by way of benefaction where no material benefit is received by the donor
Contribution Financial and non-financial assistance provided to the University in the form of a grant, subsidy, co-payment or other type of contribution
Donor Any person or organisation making a donation to the University
Endowment A donation made with the intention that funds are invested to ensure ongoing support for beneficiaries from the investment earnings
Federation University Australia Foundation (the Foundation) The University body charged with the active promotion of philanthropy and management of donated resources for the advancement of the University. The financial accounts of the Federation University Australia Foundation are managed by the Foundation Office; the Advisory Board of the Foundation works with University staff in actively promoting donations to the University
Foundation Federation University Australia Foundation
Foundation Office Staff have responsibility for managing the University’s relationships with donors and prospective donors
Naming Right The naming of a building, facility, academic position or Scholarship in honour of an individual or organisation, or in recognition of financial contribution or support, or recognition of other significance to the University, such as Indigenous recognition
Philanthropy The desire to promote the welfare of others, expressed especially by the generous donation of money to good causes
Property Any gift or donation which is not in the form of cash
Recognition Actions taken by the University to recognise the generosity of donors, individually or collectively or to recognise other people/matters of importance to the University
Sponsorship A contribution in money or kind with expectation of benefit to the sponsor, such as naming rights, promotion and public recognition

Policy Statement

Federation University Australia receives support from its community and its benefactors. Philanthropy empowers the University to enhance and improve its buildings and facilities. Naming buildings or facilities enables the University to recognise and honour significant benefaction or contribution made to the University and/or public life.

The University seeks to protect the existing names of its buildings and facilities and to establish a basis for determining new names which appropriately matches the benefaction or distinction.

The University Council has the authority to name or rename University buildings, parts of buildings, rooms or other distinct areas of a campus. Naming may be conferred for a specified period of time, will not necessarily be conferred in perpetuity and remains at the sole discretion of the University at all times.

Proposals for naming, renaming or de-identifying such spaces must be consistent with the University’s values and must not impact on the University’s name, reputation or other interests nor limit the University’s ability to carry out its operations fully and impartially - refer Naming of Buildings and Facilities Procedure.

Naming of buildings or facilities also enables the University to recognise and honour other matters of significance to the University, such as Indigenous reconciliation.

Supporting Documents


  • Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Engagement is responsible for monitoring the implementation, outcomes and scheduled review of this policy and its accompanying procedure.
  • Acting Director, Corporate Governance is responsible for maintaining the content of this policy as delegated by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Engagement.
  • Acting Director, Corporate Governance is responsible for the administration support for the maintenance of this policy as directed by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Engagement.


The Naming of Building Policy will be communicated throughout the University via:

  • An Announcement Notice via FedNews website and on the ‘Recently Approved Documents’ page on the ‘Policies, Procedures and Forms @ the University’ website to alert the University-wide community of the approved Procedure.


The Naming of Building Policy will be implemented throughout the University via:

  • Notification to Foundation Board
  • Notification to Scholarships, Bursaries and Grants Office
  • Notification to Facilities Services