Ambassador of the University

Ambassador of the University Policy

Policy Code: CG1520


This policy exists to recognise, through appropriate title, those people who are not University staff members but who can contribute in a significant way (academic or non-academic) to the development or enhancement of the University, or to the University community or its objectives, for a specified tenure.


This policy applies to Ambassadors of the University appointed by the University Council. 


Ambassador of the University: Is an individual appointed by the University Council in accordance with this policy and its associated procedure, who is not a current University staff member or student or member of the University Council, who is deemed to be able to contribute in a significant way to the advancement of the University, or to the University community or its objectives, for the duration of his/her tenure.

Policy Statement

Ambassador of the University appointees may be appointed to an academic or non-academic role. They may contribute to the teaching and research of the University, including the delivery of a specific program or training module or assisting or overseeing a particular research project, or may be appointed to assist with or oversee a specific University project.  Ambassadors of the University may serve as an exemplar to staff and/or students of the University and therefore should have the personal qualities and abilities that are commensurate with this role.

Appointees are not University employees.  Appointees may be paid an honorarium/stipend.

Appointees will be individual members of the community.  They may be members of academia or persons of significant experience or eminence in business, industry, the public sector or the community, in Australia or overseas.  In some instances, appointees may be employees of another institution which collaborates with the University in the delivery of the University’s programs.

Appointees may be invited to participate in appropriate University functions and formal occasions, including graduation ceremonies and social events.

An appointee:

  • will be appointed by the University Council, upon the recommendation of the Vice-Chancellor;
  • will report to the Vice-Chancellor or the Chancellor depending on the objectives of the appointment;
  • will usually be appointed for an initial period of three (3) years;
  • may be eligible to have his/her appointment renewed for one (1) further period of up to three (3) years;
  • will hold the title “Ambassador of the University” only for the duration of his/her appointment;
  • may, if the Vice-Chancellor approves, have his/her name added to the official listing of University staff;
  • must not, by reason of the appointment, be or become a member of any School, Section, the Academic Board or the University Council or its standing committees or vote in any University elections;
  • must comply with University policies, procedures and legislation as a condition of his/her appointment;
  • will be accorded the normal rights and privileges of a University staff member;
  • may represent the University in professional forums, conferences and seminars;
  • is entitled to nominate the University as the host institution for the purpose of research applications, with the University administering any grants and associated staff appointments, provided any publications resulting from the research appropriately name and recognise the University;
  • may terminate his/her appointment in writing to the Vice-Chancellor at any time; and
  • may have his/her appointment terminated in writing by the Vice-Chancellor at any time.

On ceremonial occasions Ambassadors of the University rank with Fellows of the University.


The Vice-Chancellor is responsible for making recommendations for the appointment/reappointment of Ambassadors of the University positions to the University Council. 

The Vice-Chancellor or the Vice-Chancellor’s nominee is responsible for the review and implementation of this policy. 

Associated Documents


The Ambassadors of the University Policy will be implemented throughout the University via:

  1. an Announcement Notice under ‘FedNews’ on the ‘FedUni’ website and through the University Policy - ‘Recently Approved Documents’ webpage to alert the University-wide community of the approved Policy;
  2. inclusion on the University's online Policy Library; and
  3. notification forwarded to Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellors, Vice-Presidents and all Heads of School and Heads of Department.