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Smoke Free Environment

Document Currently Under Review

Current Status: Under Review - With Editor 19 March 2019

Smoke Free Environment Policy

Policy Code: CG1424


This policy sets out the principles that underpin the University’s commitment to move towards a smoke-free environment.  The University recognises the adverse effects of smoking, including passive smoking, and the rights of University staff and students to work and study in a safe and healthy environment which is smoke-free.  The University further recognises its social responsibility not to support the tobacco industry in any University activities.


This policy applies to all staff, students, contractors, office-holders, affiliates, tenants and other licensees and visitors to University premises. This policy covers University premises (as defined in this policy) including all University campuses, and all University vehicles.


Key Term Definition
Campus The areas known as Mt Helen, Churchill, SMB, Camp Street, Ararat, Horsham and Stawell campuses of the University as shown on the University campus maps (Annexure A) and all land, buildings and roads situated on those campuses, excluding the Ballarat Technology Park situated at Mt Helen.
Designated Smoking Area An outside area located on a University premises designated as a smoking area by and at the discretion of the University’s Director, Facilities Services which will not be within ten (10) metres of University buildings or in outdoor eating and drinking areas. A list of designated smoking areas is located at [insert web address]. At least one (1) designated smoking area will be situated on each University campus during Stage 1 of this Policy.
Ballarat Technology Park The land and buildings known as the Ballarat Technology Park situated on the Mt Helen campus of the University.
University Premises Any land or buildings owned, leased, licensed or otherwise occupied by the University for teaching or research purposes or as accommodation facilities, or otherwise used or occupied by University staff, contractors, affiliates or students (excluding the Ballarat Technology Park), together with all campuses of the University.

Policy Statement

The University is committed to providing a smoke-free environment for all staff and students. The University will move to a complete smoke-free environment in a staged approach. Staff and contractors must note that the University does not provide smoking breaks and any need to smoke must be taken as part of a meal break allowance.

Stage 1 - From 1 January 2013

Smoking will be prohibited:

(a)   on or in University premises; and

(b)   in all University vehicles,

with the exception of the designated smoking areas.

Appropriate cigarette butt receptacles will be located within each designated smoking area and all butts must be fully extinguished and disposed of in the receptacles provided.

Applicants for University positions shall be advised the University is a smoke-free environment and new University contracts, induction and orientation information and other documentation, where appropriate, shall include reference to this policy.

Smoking during field trips, research activities and other organised events away from University premises, whilst not encouraged, must not occur within five (5) metres of a work, meal or living environment and is only permitted where allowed by law and with the consent of the land owner or occupier.

All University premises and the University’s website and any written material must be free from tobacco advertising, promotion, sponsorship and the sale of tobacco and tobacco-related products.

The University must not accept direct or indirect research funding from the tobacco industry.

A University sponsored quit-smoking program will be implemented across University campuses.

Stage 2 - From 1 January 2015

The University will become a smoke-free environment, with provision for designated smoking areas as determined by the University Health and Safety Policy Committee. 


All staff of the University have responsibility for the implementation of this policy and for ensuring compliance with this policy.

The Director, Facilities Services is responsible for:

  1. designating smoking areas across University premises and ensuring the location of those areas is clearly marked and available to staff and students on the University website;
  2. ensuring appropriate cigarette butt receptacles are located within each designated smoking area;
  3. ensuring appropriate signage (no smoking, designated smoking areas, etc) is in place across University premises and in University vehicles; and
  4. induction of all contractors carrying out work on University premises or to University vehicles.

The Manager, Risk Health and Safety is responsible for:

  1. regularly reviewing an effective education program for staff and students in relation to the implementation of this policy and the harmful effects of smoking generally;
  2. in conjunction with the Director, Human Resources, implementing a quit-smoking program across University campuses;
  3. updating information on the University website for staff and students concerning legislative restrictions on smoking, external quit-smoking resources and support information for smokers;
  4. ensuring appropriate information posters are distributed across University premises (where appropriate); and
  5. regularly reporting to the University Health and Safety Policy Committee as to the implementation of this policy.

The Director, Human Resources is responsible for:

  1. the induction of all new staff in relation to this policy; and
  2. in conjunction with the Manager, Risk Health and Safety, implementing a quit-smoking program across University campuses.

The Director, Student Connect is responsible for the orientation of all new students in relation to this policy.

The Director, Corporate Governance is responsible for reviewing all University pro-forma contracts for tenancies, licences and contracted work (where appropriate) in relation to this policy.

The Vice-Chancellor is responsible for implementing disciplinary procedures (where appropriate) for repeated and/or serious breaches of this policy and/or breaches of mandatory legal requirements concerning smoking (for example, smoking indoors or offences pertaining to littering of cigarette butts).


This policy will be implemented via:

  1. Information for both staff and students on the University website including:
    1. frequently-asked-questions and answers;
    2. the adverse health impact of smoking (including passive smoking);
    3. tips for managing non-compliance with this policy;
    4. University sponsored quit-smoking programs;
    5. University support services for staff and students;
    6. external resources and support to assist in quitting smoking; and
    7. updated legislative information concerning local, State and Federal government bans on smoking.
  2. Announcement notices via the ‘FedNews’ website as to the stages of implementation of this policy.
  3. Information sessions for existing staff and students.
  4. The introduction of University-sponsored quit-smoking programs across campuses.
  5. Induction sessions for new staff.
  6. Orientation sessions for new students.
  7. Information in University handbooks and student diaries.
  8. Written information in contracts and other documentation (where appropriate) for external individuals or organisations leasing or licensing land or buildings located on University premises or holding functions on University premises.
  9. Written information in contracts and training in induction sessions for contractors carrying out work on or in University premises or vehicles.
  10. Signage (fixed and portable) and posters across University premises.

Annexure A