Delegations - Contract, Financial, Staffing and Tender

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Delegations - Contract, Financial, Staffing and Tender Procedure

Policy code: FN1829
Policy owner: Director, Governance, Legal and Risk
Approval authority: Council
Approval date: 28 August 2013
Next review date: 16 September 2019


Financial Delegation is a key feature of the University's financial systems with considerable autonomy given to cost centres to spend their budgets. Delegations allow the Vice Chancellor and President to operate the business of the University by allowing the transfer, authority to expend funds or delegation of power to a lower level of specific employees.

Governing Policy

This procedure is made under the Delegations - Contract, Financial, Staffing and Tender Policy.


Term Definitions
Account /Dept & Project Codes General ledger codes used to identify accounts.
Approved Operating Budgets Budget approved by the University Council via Finance Committee
Budgeted Project Income Income budgeted for specific projects.
Capital Individual assets over $5,000 in value, and individual library books
Commercial Activity The activity of providing goods and services involving financial and commercial and industrial aspects
Delegations Approval to officers to sign for the recruitment of staff, expenditure, contract and tender arrangements as framework required by the University Council.
Leave Replacement Contracts Short term contracts for the replacement of staff on leave.
Officers Staff employed by the University.
Sessional Contracts Employment that is short term in nature and gives coverage of a position where flexibility to vary hours or modify the employment is required.  Employment is by the hour, to work on an irregular basis to cover leave absences, provide assistance for additional, seasonal or special project type work.
Short Term Contracts Contracts for a fixed period of time.
University-wide Accounts University-wide costs not contained within a specific school or section budget but reporting to various officers for expenditure authorisation.
Agreement For the purpose of this policy: A Contract, legally binding agreement or Memorandum of Understanding.
VET Enrolment VET Enrolment refers to all VET enrolled students including: All eligible and ineligible VET enrolments as identified in the TAFE Performance Agreement


Schedule of Financial Delegations

  • The Chief Operating Officer/Chief Financial Officer approve all positions which are to be listed in the register with a delegation of $15,000.
  • Positions with a Financial Delegation greater than $15,000 are approved by Council.
  • Positions with a delegation up to $10,000 or less are approved by the Chief Operating Officer/Chief Financial Officer
  • The Responsible Officer maintains the Register

Assignment of a Delegation

Financial Delegations are made to the positions listed in the Schedule and then assigned to delegated officers to allow the delegation to be exercised.

Approval of a Position to hold a Financial Delegation

Deans, Directors, or Managers may recommend that a position within that area be approved to hold a Financial Delegation.

The request is to be made in accordance with the following procedure:

  • Request to add/delete a Financial Delegation Authorisation/DPO nomination form is to be completed
  • The form is to be approved by the organisational head responsible for the area requesting the delegation, checking that Financial Delegation and the Designated Purchasing Officer authorisation limits are appropriate;
  • The approved request is forwarded to the Responsible Officer.

The Responsible Officer will consider the request using the following criteria:

  • The reasons stated for the need for the Financial Delegation;

After consideration the Responsible Officer will either:

  • Recommend to the Chief Operating Officer/Chief Financial Officer that the position receives a financial delegation;
  • Reject the request;
  • Seek further information or advice to assist in the consideration of the request, which may result in the delegation limit approved being different to the limit requested.

In all cases the Responsible Officer will advise the outcome of the request in a timely basis.

Effective Date

Financial Delegations are effective from the date the delegation is approved by the Chief Operating Officer/Chief Financial Officer

Goods and Services Tax (GST)

Financial Delegation Limits are exclusive of GST

Assignment of a Financial Delegation to a Delegated Officer

Financial Delegations are made only to officers who hold positions listed in the Schedule.

An officer seeking the assignment of a Financial Delegation must verify that the position they hold is listed in the Schedule. If the officer’s position is not listed then the procedure detailed in section 2 Delegations to persons or bodies of persons must be followed. It is at the discretion,approval of the Chief Operating Officer/Chief Financial Officer to allow staff who do not fall within these categories to hold a Financial Delegation.

Where an officer’s position is listed in the Register that officer will become a delegated officer and be able to exercise the Financial Delegation shown in the Register when that delegation has been activated.

Temporary Assignment of Financial Delegations

Periodically, delegated officers are unable to use a Financial Delegation assigned to them. This occurs when, for example, delegated officers are absent from the University on leave or on University business.

To facilitate the continued efficient operation of the University’s business the DVC/COO or Dean may, in these circumstances, appoint another officer to act as the delegated officer for the purposes of this Policy.

Deleting a Financial Delegation or Authorisation

When a position listed in the Financial Delegations Register ceases to be required by an area , an officer, or the head of the organisational area, is required to notify the responsible officer electronically. The responsible officer will then cancel this Financial Delegation.


Periodic Review of Financial Delegations

Periodically, and at least annually, the office of Finance will review the Financial Delegations that have been assigned to officers within the University’s finance system to confirm that the:

  • officer to whom a delegation has been assigned is still a delegated officer;
  • levels of delegation are correct;
  • reporting relationships for the purpose of escalating the delegation required for a particular transaction are correct;
  • that position titles are correct.

The Responsible Officer will incorporate the results of these reviews in the Register and advise the Systems Accountant of any amendments that need to be made.


Reporting to Council

In line with the set work plan for the year , the responsible officer, through the Chief Operating Officer/Chief Financial Officer, will provide the current Register to Finance Committee advising of all permanent additions, deletions and amendments.


Delegations Register is to be maintained by a Responsible Officer within the Chief Operating Office.

The Director, Governance, Legal and Risk is responsible for the development, compliance, monitoring and review of this Policy and any related Procedures.

Implementation and Communication

The Delegations - Contract, Financial, Staffing and Tender Procedure will be communicated throughout the University via:

  1. Announcement on the FedNews website;
  2. ‘Recently Approved Documents’ webpage to alert the University-wide community of the approved Policy;
  3. Information/Training Sessions; and/or
  4. Inclusion in the University's online Policy Library;
  5. Distribution of e-mails to relevant University Staff and Stakeholder.

Records Management

Title Location Responsible Officer


Retention Period

DPO - Nomination Form HEW 2-4 Finance Chief Operating Officer/CFO 7 years
Financial Delegation Application HEW 5 Plus Finance Chief Operating Officer/CFO 7 years

Records Disposal

University records must only be disposed of in accordance with the University' Records Disposal Process as outlined in the Records Framework Procedure. Authorisation process for the disposal of records, which must be signed off by the Department Head, Co-ordinator Records Management Services and the Director, Academic Services or their delegate. Ensures compliance with the Public Records Act 1973 and associated Standards. Records must not be destroyed where it is known that those records may likely be required in evidence, in the future.