Parking Procedure

Policy Code: FN1498


The University aims to provide a controlled and regulated parking service for University staff, students, visitors and University service providers whilst preserving the natural surrounds of the University's campuses. Parking is allocated to ensure the safety of users and access for Emergency Services.


This procedure applies to all University staff, students, visitors and service providers across all campuses.


Term Definition
Permit Zone 1, 2 or 3: Authorised spaces reserved for official visitors. For example, VIPS, Council members and similar.

Permit Zone 4:


Unreserved spaces for those permit holders between the hours displayed on the parking signs. These spaces operate on a first come first serve basis and does not guarantee that a parking space will be available at all times.

Please note: Staff who use a vehicle that has a FedUni logo attached are permitted to park in Zone 4 permit areas if spaces are available.

Permit Zone 7:


Reserved spaces for permit holders who pay the prescribed fee to do so between the hours displayed on the parking signs.
Resident Student Permit Unreserved spaces for resident students in residence parking areas.
Disabled Persons Parking Bays: Reserved for persons who hold a current Blue, Category One or Green Category 2 Disability Parking Permit issued by a municipal Council. Where disabled spaces are full, holders of disabled parking permits may use Zone 4 spaces or short term spaces for up to twice the normal wait time.
 Loading Zones: Reserved for Loading/unloading of goods/services to the University's Campuses.
 Cycle Areas: Authorised places for motorcycles and bicycles free of charge.
 Short Term Spaces: Short term parking areas are located around the campuses to assist visitors who wish to make a brief visit to the University's campuses of between 15 minutes and 30 minutes as identified by signs.
 No Stopping: Spaces reserved for Emergency Vehicles only.
 Free Areas: Authorised spaces reserved for parking outside of the permit and restricted areas, free of charge.
One Day Parking Permits: One Day Parking Permits are only available for the use of University visitors and external service providers.

Parking Areas

Maps of the SMB and Mt Helen parking areas are available. Refer to the ‘Associated Documents’ section.

Permit Zones

The following are considered permit zones:

  • Permit Zone 1, 2 and 3
  • Permit Zone 4
  • Permit Zone 7
  • Disabled Persons Parking Bays

Grassed areas are not considered parking areas and parking is not permitted.

Parking on grassed areas or nature strips may result in an infringement notice being issued.


Permits are issued to staff and students of the University and are approved by the University and issued by Facilities Services.

Only vehicles displaying a current parking permit can park in a permit zone and must clearly display the permit. There are only a limited number of permits available.

Waiting List

The number of parking permits available is limited. If a permit is not available at the time of application you will be placed on the parking permit waiting list.  

Applying for a Permit

You need to fill in a Parking Permit Application Form. Refer to the Forms Section within this procedure.

Permit Form Type Applicant
PERMIT FORM A - Parking Permit Application Staff or Students

PERMIT FORM B - Resident Student Parking Permit Application

These parking spaces are limited and allocated on a first come basis.

This permit does not guarantee a parking space will be available

Resident Students living in Student Residencies.
PERMIT FORM C - Cancel / Replace Parking Permit Application Staff and Students
PERMIT FORM D - Request for the Waiving of Parking Infringements Staff and Students

Forward parking permit applications to:

By Mail:

Administrative Assistant – Traffic Operations

Facilities Services

PO Box 663



In Person:

Facilities Services Office

Building G,

East Terrace

Mt Helen Campus

Payment of Permits

Parking permit payments are prohibited to be paid from University funds unless authorized by the Vice-Chancellor.

Salary Deduction

Permits can be paid for by salary deduction if the applicant is a permanent staff member. Staff employed on a casual or fixed term basis are not eligible to salary sacrifice.

Finance Office Payments

On approval by Facilities Services, permit payments can be made with cash, credit card and money order at:

  1. The Finance Office located at Building D, Ground Level, Mt Helen Campus;
  2. Student Services, Building D, SMB Campus.

Card Authorisation Request

Fill in the Credit Card Authorisation Request section on the Parking Permit Application Form and submit to Facilities Services.


When leaving employment with the University, staff must return their permit to Facilities Services. Refunds of lump sum payment for an unused portion of the year will only be provided on a monthly calculation and upon return of the permit.

Lost, Stolen or Damaged Permits

Lost, stolen or damaged parking permits must be reported via the Cancel/Replace Parking Permit Application Form (Form C) and forwarded to Facilities Services (Refer to Applying for a Parking Permit Section for forwarding details)

A charge of $20.00 will be incurred for the processing of a replacement permit.

How to Display Permit on Vehicle

All permits must be clearly displayed on the vehicles front windscreen. Permits should be adhered to the lower left hand driver’s side of the windscreen at all times.

Permits are valid on the registered vehicle as noted on the permit application only and are not transferable. Failure to comply will result in cancellation of your parking permit.

Vehicles parking in a permit area who do not have a valid permit displayed may incur a parking infringement notice and payment will be pursued by the University.

Use of Parking Permits between Campuses

Permit Held Parking Allocation
Zone 4 Zone 4 – Mt Helen and SMB Campus
Zone 7 - SMB Zone 4 – Mt Helen Campus
Zone 7 – Mt Helen Zone 4 – SMB Campus
Zone 7 – Camp Street Zone 4 – Mt Helen and SMB Campus

Note: Horsham, Ararat and Stawell Campuses have free parking available.

One day Parking Permits

One Day Parking Permits are only available for the use of University visitors and external service providers and can be obtained by request from Facilities Services:

Phone: 03 5327 9520  Email:

Parking Permit Costs

Where parking permits are salary sacrificed, GST does not apply, as the transaction is regarded as being internal and payroll, both not subject to GST.

For current parking permit costs, refer to the following link:

Parking Permit Costs

Parking Infringements

Parking infringements must be paid within 28 days  of the date the infringement notice was issued. Failure to pay infringements may result in legal action.


The Director of Facilities Services is responsible for the maintenance of this procedure and its related forms.

Forms/Record Keeping

Title Location Responsible Officer Minimum Retention Period
Parking Permit Application: Form A Facilities Services Administration Assistant (Traffic Operations) 3 years
Resident Student Parking Permit Application: Form B Facilities Services Administration Assistant (Traffic Operations) 3 years
Cancel/Replace Parking Permit Application: Form C Facilities Services Administration Assistant (Traffic Operations) 3 years
Request for Waiving of Parking Infringement: Form D Facilities Services Administration Assistant (Traffic Operations) 3 years
Parking Permit Salary Sacrifice Agreement: Form E Facilities Services Administration Assistant (Traffic Operations) 3 years


The Parking Procedure will be implemented throughout the University via:

  1. An Announcement Notice under the University's news website (both Staff and Student News)
  2. The University’s Policy Library  - ‘Recently Approved Documents’
  3. Reference to the Parking Procedure in the University Staff Guide
  4. Reference to the Parking Procedure in the University Student Handbook