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Motor Vehicles

Motor Vehicle Procedure

Policy Code: FN1831


To define University Procedure for all vehicles used for University business.


These procedures apply to all eligible officers/authorised users of vehicles at all Campuses of the University.

Legislative Context


A complete list of definitions relevant to this procedure is contained within the Motor Vehicle Policy.

A further list of definitions specifically relevant to this procedure is included below:

Term Definition
Authorised User A staff member of the University authorised by the Vice Chancellor and President, Senior Deputy Vice Chancellor, Deputy Vice Chancellors, Deans or Managers to drive a University Employment Vehicle for University business.
Business Use Vehicle A vehicle purchased or leased by the University and available for booking by the University's Schools and Portfolios Authorised Users for University Business.
Eligible Officer (As designated by the Vice Chancellor and President) is a staff member who has an Employment Vehicle as a condition of his/her appointment.
General Use Passenger Vehicle – Pool Vehicle Pool vehicles are cars, vans or other vehicles the University provides to its employees for business use only.
Private Motor Vehicle A 'Private motor Vehicle' is a vehicle owned, leased, rented or provided to and under the lawful care and control of a staff member, is fully registered, is in a roadworthy condition and is fully comprehensively insured.
Smart Fleet Vehicle management provider. Includes maintenance, roadside breakdown assistance, replacement etc.
Smart Fleet System Vehicle management and electronic booking system.
TEMS Travel and Expense Management System, which is currently Concur.


1. Accessing a university pool vehicle - Smart Fleet booking system

There is a pool of university fleet vehicles available at each campus. Accessing a fleet vehicle, via the fleet electronic booking system should be the first option when undertaking business road travel. An exception to this is when the journey is to the airports where the vehicle will be parked for longer than overnight. In this situation Car Rental Company or airport buses should be used where available.

Authorised staff and students holding a current licence are eligible to use the University's fleet vehicles.

Where more than one University Representative is travelling to the same destination every effort should be made to share a vehicle.

A. Seeking approval to travel.

Travelling member

Line manager

  1. Discuss rationale for business travel with your line manager.
    Document line manager approval to travel (email is sufficient).
B. Requesting access to the online booking system. Travelling member
  1. Log on to FedUni intranet.
  2. Navigate to staff resources.
  3. Select University pool vehicle booking.
  4. Request access to the online booking system.
C. Booking a vehicle. Staff Travelling Member
  1. Log on to FedUni intranet.
  2. Navigate to staff resources.
  3. Select University pool vehicle booking.
  4. Select Online pool vehicle booking system.
  5. Follow Smartfleet step by step booking process.
  6. Finalise booking.
D. Collecting a pool vehicle Travelling member
  1. Go to the pool vehicle compound at nominated campus
  2. Use the Ezikey key box to enter your SmartFleet username and password to gain access your vehicle’s key
E. Returning a pool vehicle Travelling member
  1. Use the fuel card provided in the car’s console to refuel your vehicle before returning to the vehicle compound.
  2. When refuelling ensure you check fuel type and refuel appropriately.
  3. Once the vehicle is returned to the compound, take note of the vehicle’s odometer reading and log this in the Ezikey box when prompted on returning the key.

2. Booking a Hire Car

All car hire should be managed via the TEMS using the University's preferred Car Rental Company.

All commercial vehicle hire (trucks, buses) should be managed by contacting the nearest Car Rental company depot directly as these vehicle types are not loaded in the TEMS.

  • Staff should refer to the Vehicle Hire Ref Guide for further guidance with vehicle hire and fuel card borrowing.
  • Where more than one University representative is travelling to the same destination every effort should be made to share a vehicle.
    A. Accessing the TEMS. Travelling Member
    1. Log on to FedUni intranet.
    2. Navigate to Staff Resources.
    3. Select Concur-Travel and expense system.
    4. Use your FedUni credentials to log in.
    B. Booking a hire car. Travelling Member
    1. On the Concur home page, navigate to Company Notes and select Domestic Travel Booking – Quick Ref Guide.  This will guide you through the steps of booking travel including car hire.
    2. Include any specific requirements such as child booster seat, GPS or vehicle delivery to campus.
    C. Refuelling a hire car Travelling member
    1. A hire must be returned to the depot refuelled to avoid the University being charged a fuel premium by the supplier.
    2. Staff who hold a Purchasing Card should use this to refuel.
    3. Travelling members who do not have a Purchasing Card can borrow a FleetCard fuel card (useable at any outlet) from Facilities Services.
    D. Borrowing a fuel card Travelling member
    1. Go to the Staff Resources web page. Select Finance. Select Log a service request and select Fuel Card under Category picklist.
    2. In the Description field quote your Concur Request ID / PO #, dates for card pick-up and return.
    3. You will be notified if a card is available. Please allow 24hrs request lead-time.
    4. Collect and return your fuel card from your nominated Facilities Services location:
      • Mt Helen | G300 | 8.00 – 5.00
      • SMB | A023 | 8.30 – 4.30
      • Berwick | Bldg 903, G114 | 9.15 – 5.15 | Dropbox return G114
      • Churchill | 3W245 | 8.00 – 5.10 | Dropbox return 3W245

3. Use of Employee's Private Vehicle Approval and Reimbursement

Staff undertaking university business are required to use a university fleet vehicle or Car Rental Company where a university fleet vehicle is unavailable. Circumstances may arise whereby the most effective and efficient means to conduct university business entails the use of a staff member’s personal vehicle (regardless of pool vehicle or hire car availability). For example, a staff member routinely travels between the Ballarat campuses and where approval/reimbursement is not requested for that vehicle use. Or the staff member resides more than 40kms from a university campus and their destination of travel is in another direction.

  • Where such circumstances arise, the University will only endorse the use of a private vehicle where the owner declares and provides evidence of their comprehensive motor vehicle insurance policy, which must include coverage and endorsement for business usage.
  • Any staff wanting to use their privately owned vehicle must complete the Private Vehicle Use Approval Request and have this approved before proceeding.
  • An approved Private Vehicle Use Approval Request must be attached to any Personal Car Mileage claim in the TEMS for any reimbursement to be processed. Unless the staff member has a salary packaged vehicle or is a Council Member.
  • Reimbursement of fuel is based on mileage declared in the Personal Car Mileage Claim via Concur. Reimbursement of fuel is not paid on presentation of fuel receipts.
  • Students are not to be transported in staff private vehicles.
A. Accessing the Private Vehicle Use Approval Request form Travelling member
  1. Go Staff Resources web page and select Finance.
  2. Select Travel tile.
  3. Select Policies, procedures and forms tile.
  4. In Forms section select Private Vehicle Use Approval Request.
  5. Download form and open in Adobe to complete.
B. Seeking Authorisation to use your private vehicle. Travelling member
  1. Complete all Steps in Section A of form.
  2. Attach copy of vehicle insurance policy.
  3. Submit the completed request to your School/Directorate’s Financial Delegate for approval.
  4. Approved form must be completed and received back prior to travel.
C. When there is no mileage reimbursement claim being made Travelling member
  1. Private vehicle usage needs to be registered with Finance in every instance.
  2. Email your approved Private Vehicle Use Approval Request to
D. Making a mileage reimbursement claim Travelling member
  1. Complete Activity A & B prior to any claim being made (except in the case of a Salary package/Council member
  2. Accessing the TEMS update your profile settings and select personal car in the profile options. Select New to add in your vehicle registration. Please note this only needs to be done once unless you change over your nominated vehicle.
  3. You then proceed with Processing a staff reimbursement as per the Quick Reference Guide.
  4. Submit the completed request to your School/Directorate’s Financial Delegate for approval.
  5. Once approved Finance will review the claim along with the relevant documents and submit to payroll for processing. These are fortnightly included with the general payroll.
  6. Any rejected/incomplete claims will be referred to the employee.

Use of Employment Contract Vehicles

  • The Employment Contract Vehicle section of the Motor Vehicle Policy applies to the staff members who are allocated a motor vehicle as part of their contract of employment. Qualifying staff should make themselves familiar with this policy.
  • Drivers using vehicles that are assigned to their School or Section should make themselves aware of the conditions of the Motor Vehicle Policy.

Supporting Documents

Motor Vehicle Policy

Vehicle Hire Reference Guide

Driving Guideline

Domestic Travel Booking - Quick Reference Guide



  • Director of Finance (as the Approval Authority) is responsible for monitoring the implementation, outcomes and scheduled review of this procedure.
  • Manager, Financial Services (as the Policy Sponsor) is responsible for maintaining the content of this procedure as delegated by the Director of Finance.
  • The Vice Chancellor and President, the Senior/Deputy Vice Chancellors, Deans and Directors of Schools/Portfolios and Sections, Managers or nominees will approve the use of a Pool Vehicle and staff members privately owned motor vehicle for University business. They will also negotiate remuneration packages for Employment Contract Vehicles (Allocated).
  • The Chief Operating Officer/Chief Financial Officer will have the responsibility for Schools or Portfolios to be allocated a Specialist vehicle/ Departmental vehicle.
  • Authorised Users who drive a Business Use Vehicle and each staff member with an Employment Contract Vehicle or a claim for University use of their privately owned motor vehicle must comply with the provisions of this Policy.
  • The Chief Operating Officer/Chief Financial Officer will be responsible for reimbursing approved claims for business use of privately owned motor vehicles.


The Motor Vehicle Policy will be implemented throughout the University via:

  1. Announcement Notice via FedNews website
  2. The ‘Recently Approved Documents’ page in Policy Central
  3. Information/Training sessions;
  4. Inclusion in the University’s online Policy Library


The implementation of the Motor Vehicle Policy is to be implemented throughout the University community and will take the form of:

  1. An Announcement Notice under ‘FedNews’ on the University’s website and through the University Policy – ‘Recently Approved Documents’ webpage to alert the University-wide community of the approved Policy;
  2. Inclusion on the University's online Policy Library;
  3. All card holders will be advised by email of the Policy update.

Records Management

Title Location Responsible Officer Minimum Retention Period
Private Vehicle Use Approval Form (Use of Staff’s own private vehicle for University business) Policies, Procedures and Forms webpage Chief Operating Officer/CFO 7 years