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Document Currently Under Review

Current Status: Under Review - With Editor 18 November 2020

Induction Policy

Policy Code: HR960


To state the University’s commitment to provide new staff members, apprentices/trainees and volunteers undertaking duties with appropriate induction to the University.


This policy applies to all new employees (including casual/sessional staff), apprentices/trainees and volunteers, and to existing staff members who are appointed to another School or Portfolio.

Policy Statement

The University will ensure that all new staff members (including casual/sessional staff) and/or apprentices/trainees and volunteers are systematically introduced to their roles, co-workers and the organisation, and are provided with the information required to perform the duties of their new role.

This will be achieved by:

  • welcoming new staff and familiarising them with the University, including an introduction to the University’s current Charter and values, strategic priorities, significant policies and procedures, campuses, local work locations, health and safety information, and other University activities and services that are available to them; and
  • providing information to enable new staff to perform their job responsibilities and assist with workplace adjustment; and
  • encouraging commitment to the Charter and Values.

New Academic staff are also required to complete the Academic Learning and Teaching Induction facilitated by the Centre for Learning Innovation and Professional Practice.

Existing staff members (including casual/sessional staff) commencing a new appointment in another School or Portfolio are required to complete the Local Induction and Occupational Health and Safety Inductions. Existing staff may be required to complete Online Corporate Induction.

Apprentices and trainees working at the University (including those employed under third-party arrangements) are required to comply with all aspects of the Induction Policy and Procedure.

Volunteers are required to complete the Local and OHS inductions.


Term Definition
Apprentices and Trainees Workers who may be employed by a third party provider on an apprenticeship or traineeship but who carries out duties as an apprentice or trainee with the University.
Continuing staff member: A staff member who is employment is other than fixed-term or casual. The contract will have no fixed end date. Continuing employment may be on a full time basis or a fractional part-time basis.
Casual/sessional staff member: A staff member who is engaged by the hour and paid on an hourly basis. Payment will include a loading related to specific benefits to which the staff member has no entitlements i.e. sick leave, annual leave etc.
Existing staff member: A person who holds a current contract of employment with the University.
Fixed-term Staff Member: A staff member is employed for a specified term or ascertainable period. The fixed term contract of employment will specify a start and finish date or will specify the circumstances or contingency relating to a specific task or project, upon the occurrence of which the term of the employment shall expire.  Fixed-term employment may be on a full time basis or a fractional part-time basis.
Supervisor: A staff member of the University  has supervisory responsibility for  other staff members work.
Local Induction: Introduction to the local work area where the staff member will be under- taking their daily tasks. 
New staff member: A person who has not previously been employed by the University and holds a new contract of employment; a person who has previously been employed by the University who has been re-employed following a break in service; or a casual or sessional who has obtained a fixed-term or continuing appointment.
Occupational Health and Safety Induction: Introduction to University-wide and local health and safety matters.
Online Corporate Induction:

Assists staff in settling into FedUni and their new position and environment as soon as possible.

The University is also committed to its legal obligation under the Occupational Health and Safety Act, 2004, the Fair Work Act 2009 and various Equal Opportunity and Anti-discrimination legislation to ensure employees have adequate information, instruction, training and supervision to work in a safe and healthy manner and understand their obligations to one another.

University Charter and Values: Details of the University’s purpose and values that will underpin all University activities and planning.
Volunteers A person who willingly offers to undertake task or perform a service without pay.
Online Workplace Behaviour Training: Outlines the University’s expectations on behaviours at work and providing information on workplace bullying prevention and Equity and Equal Opportunity matters.


Human Resources is responsible for:

  • providing day-to-day assistance and advice to supervisors about this policy and procedure;
  • ensuring that new staff members and their supervisors are aware of the requirements to participate in the induction processes;
  • enrolment and monitoring of the Online Corporate Induction;
  • developing, monitoring and reviewing the induction process; and
  • ensuring the Induction Policy and Procedure are reviewed.

Supervisors are responsible for:

  • ensuring new staff are inducted in accordance with this policy and the associated procedure.
  • ensuring staff are allocated sufficient time within their workload allocation to participated in, and complete all induction processes.
  • ensuring casual/sessional staff complete induction.
  • ensuring apprentices, trainees and volunteers complete induction requirement in accordance with this policy and associated procedure.
  • ensuring induction forms are forwarded to Human Resources.

The Centre for Learning Innovation and Professional Practice are responsible for the Academic Learning and Teaching Induction.

Staff members are responsible to participate in induction processes as required.


The Induction Policy will be implemented throughout the University via:

  1. an Announcement Notice under 'FedNews' on the ‘FedUni’ website and through the University Policy - ‘Recently Approved Documents’ webpage to alert the University-wide community of the approved Policy;
  2. inclusion on the University's online Policy Library; and/or
  3. distribution of e-mails to Head of School / Head of Department / University staff.