Development of Collections and Library Spaces at Partner Provider Teaching Sites Guidelines

Policy Code: IM1588


These guidelines are underpinned by those developed by the Council of Australian University Librarians (CAUL), and they provide a basis for the establishment and provision of library services made available to Partner Provider teaching staff and students enrolled at the University Partner Provider campuses/sites.

In addition to the CAUL Principles, Federation University Australia's Library Guidelines are also underpinned by relevant clauses contained within our teaching delivery contracts with our Partner Providers.

Through a unique funding arrangement, Partner Providers agree to the provision of a physical library service/space for University enrolled students at their Institutes. Federation University Library, in conjunction with staff employed in this space, provides supplementary access to its collections, resources and staff to ensure that the Partner Library and its staff are able to support research and program needs of University enrolled students and Partner Provider staff teaching those students.


Term Definition
CAUL Council of Australian University Librarians (CAUL).
ILMS Integrated Library Management System
Other University not referring to the University / Federation University Australia.
Partner Provider Educational institute providing programs of the University through and approved Education Agreement.
University refers to the University / Federation University Australia
CAVAL CAVAL is a member-based not-for-profit company which offers a range of specialised products and services, to academic, public and special libraries in Australia and New Zealand.

What does the University Library provide?

Services for Partner Provider Students enrolled in Federation University Australia programs

Students will require their student number and password or library barcode to access Library resources.

Electronic Resources

  • Library website.
  • Databases (including fulltext journal articles and reference materials).
  • Electronic journals and books.
  • Library catalogue.
  • E-reserve articles.
  • Information research and learning skills guides and resources.

Print Resources

  • A minimum of one copy of each available recommended reading.
  • A wide range of discipline specific and academic reading.
  • Subscriptions to relevant print journals and newspapers.
  • Relevant booklists and other course materials listings, where they are available, to support partner purchasing of set text and recommended reading.

Partner Provider Inter-campus Borrowing (on shore only)

  • Request and delivery of print items from Library collections for loan. Available to Partner students enrolled in University courses.(note; textbooks from Library collections are not available for Inter-campus borrowing)

Borrowing from other University Libraries

  • Via Inter-library loan. Request and delivery of items not available in the University Library collections is available only for Postgraduate students.
  • Via University Libraries Australia and New Zealand (ULANZ). Individual student enrolments via ULANZ may incur a fee. (on-shore only)
  • Via CAVAL. Students enrolled at Partner Provider teaching locations in Victoria may have access to CAVAL member libraries. Access to CAVAL membership for partner-based students is subject to approval by CAVAL and University Library (on-shore only).

Information Librarian (Partner Support) will:

  • provide the primary point of contact with Partner Provider library staff and Partner Provider academic and teaching staff, and students. This position ensures that Partner Provider library staff have the necessary knowledge, training and support to be able to provide information resources, advice and training to University enrolled Partner Provider students.
  • visit all Partner Provider sites a minimum of 2 times per year. These visits may encompass skills training in collaboration with Partner Provider library staff and/or academic staff, resources and Partner Provider collections building advice, general University Library updating and troubleshooting.
  • ensure that Partner Provider library, academic and teaching staff and students are fully aware of, and conversant in accessing the broad range of online library materials, resources and services, including, but not restricted to those outlined in these Guidelines. Access to library materials, resources and services may include those available through the Library website and other online services including FedUni website and Learning Management System (Moodle).
  • be responsible for the annual review of Partner Provider libraries in conjunction with the designated manager of the Partner Provider library.

International Student Website

  • Up to date website information specifically aimed at supporting international students studying with Partner Providers.

Information Assistance

  • Phone via 1300 552567
  • Online via the Library website (Ask a Librarian, email or Chat)
  • ICT support via My IT@FedUni.

Support for Partner Provider Library / Resources Centre staff

  • Advice and recommendations in relation to the level and responsibilities of staff to support an on site library/resource centre.
  • Support from the Information Librarian (Partner Support) in building skills and expertise in information literacy and research skills, provision of resources to be used with university enrolled students and ongoing professional support via face-to-face visits.
  • Professional development opportunities (subject to operational approval and available budget) to update and maintain a working knowledge of relevant library resources, services and systems.

What are Partner Providers required to provide?

Access to Electronic Resources

  • Where local conditions or other factors prevent access to the University Library electronic resources and databases, the Partner Provider is responsible for the cost of local site licences to the same, or equivalent, resources.
  • Internet enabled computers of sufficient bandwidth, quality and reliability to enable access to the Internet, Univeristy student email, online learning platforms (eg Moodle) and University Library databases and electronic resources.

Print Resources

  • Prescribed Texts, where no E-book is available:
  • 2 copies per campus 1 - 40 students
  • 3 copies per campus 41 - 80 students
  • Prescribed Texts, where an E-book is available:
  • 1 copy per campus
  • Recommended Readings, where no E-book is available:
  • 2 copies per campus 1 - 100 students
  • Recommended Readings where an E-book is available:
  • 1 copy per campus
  • A basic range of discipline specific and academic reading.
  • Subscriptions to relevant print journals and newspapers where appropriate.
  • Students are expected to purchase their own copies of recommended textbooks.

Inter-Library / Partner Provider Inter-campus borrowing facilities

  • Facilities and personnel to enable the delivery and return of University Library materials requested by Partner Provider based students.

Integrated Library Management System (ILMS)

  • A recognised Library Information Management System (ILMS) to manage the organisation, identification, lending and maintenance of local collections.


  • A designated and secure library/resource centre space of sufficient size to house:
    • library collection/s (refer Print Collections section above);
    • an information and lending service point;
    • PCs and/or wireless suitable for accessing electronic resources;
    • quiet study furniture/facilities;
    • group study furniture/facilities;
    • print and photocopying facilities.


  • A suitably qualified and/or experienced Librarian with responsibility for:
    • acquisition and cataloguing of library/resource centre materials in accordance with local and international standards;
    • setup, maintenance and delivery of lending and information support;
    • management and monitoring of University Library/partner intra-campus lending services;
    • library and research training sessions to University enrolled students and Partner Provider teaching staff in University programs.

Information Provision

  • Access for students and staff to a range of print and/or online information to support learning and teaching. Material may include:
    • General Guide to Referencing 2014 edition;
    • avoiding Plagiarism information;
    • the University Library Online brochure;
  • Library and research training offered as appropriate to student cohort.

Partner Provider Staff

Academic staff employed by Partner Providers that are teaching the University's courses to enrolled students will have access to University Library online resources including databases and e-books. However  academic staff employed by Partner Providers that are teaching enrolled students with the University will  not have access to University Library print resources via a request and delivery service. These academic staff are encouraged to make contact with their respective Partner Provider libraries to ensure print materials required for teaching are available in PP libraries/resource centres.

Students enrolled at Partner Providers and NOT University enrolled students

It is the responsibility of Partner Providers to provide library resources and services for students not enrolled in Federation University Australia courses. University Library resources and services are available to University enrolled students and Partner Provider staff teaching University courses only.

Additional Information and Relevant Web Links

  • University Library website:
  • Director Library Services Phone: +61 3 5327 9851
  • E-mail:


Director, Library Services


This Guideline will be communicated throughout Federation University Australia and its' Partner providers via:

  1. Distribution of emails to:
    • Director, partnerships and Commercial Engagement;
    • Pro Vice-Chancellor (International and Partnerships);
    • Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Engagement);
  2. Distribution of emails and documentation to Partner provider library staff and other partner contact staff.
  3. Notification to the University community via FedUni and Library news channels.
  4. To Partner Library/Resource Centre staff via the Information Librarian (Partner Support).


This Guideline will be implemented throughout Federation University Australia and its' Partner providers via:

  1. Announcement through the University Library's website News and Social Media channels and promotional print resources;
  2. Inclusion in the University's Policy Library;
  3. Information being disseminated through Library representation on University Partner/School Committees and Working Parties;
  4. Information Librarian (Partner Support) delivering information sessions with Partner Library/Resource Centre staff as part of their visit schedule.

Forms/ Record Keeping

Title Location Responsible Officer Minimum Retention Period
Development of Collections and Library Spaces at Partner provider Teaching Sites Guidelines PAMS Director, Library Services 2 years
Library Client Charter Library Website Associate Librarian, Client Services 1 year
Provision of Library/Resource centre Review Checklist Library (L drive) Associate Librarian, Client Services 1 year