Responding To Feedback - Library Feedback System Operational Guidelines

Policy Code: IM1568


This Operational Guideline exists to ensure appropriate response to Feedback items received by the Library via the on-line Library Feedback link/s on the University Library website. The aim of this guideline is to provide consistency in format of Feedback responses.


This Operational Guideline applies to all staff with access to the Feedback Administration module and who have authorisation to respond to Feedback items.


Not Applicable.

Operational Guideline

  1. New Feedback items should be responded to, where possible, within 48 hours.
  2. Feedback responses should be concise, accurate and include only information relevant to the query. Where possible, reference to additional information (for example, opening hours on library website) should be included.
  3. Prior to posting a response, Feedback should be checked for:
    • correct grammar, spelling and deletion of typos;
    • removal of any references to ID numbers, names, eg. "regards Jeffrey Kidd" and/or other identifying information;
    • correct references to and names of service points, staff titles etc.
  4. Feedback items will be either posted for public view (via the Feedback page on the University Library website) or hidden (sent only to the recipient with a copy in the View All Feedback Items list in the Feedback Admin module).
  5. Public view items should add value to the posted (open to public view) list and help form the basis of an FAQ list. If, for example, a response relates to an overdue query and there is no new information in the response that may be of value or interest to other students, then the item should be hidden.
  6. Feedback responses should be written with consideration that other university staff, students and professional colleagues may look at the feedback page and will see your name on responses. If they are badly worded and contain errors it does not reflect well.
  7. Once posted, any public view items should be check in public view. Any errors noted should be corrected via the Edit option in the View All Feedback items list and reposted. Only the original (first) posted copy will be sent to the feedback recipient.


All staff with access to the Feedback Administration module.

The Director, Library Services has responsibility for the maintenance and implementation of this Operational Guideline.

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The Responding To Feedback - Library Feedback System Operational Guidelines has been implemented throughout the University via:

  1. inclusion on the University's online Policy Library; and
  2. listed on the Contacting The Library - Feedback website.