Deployment of Custom Applications and Projects on the University's Corporate Webserver Guidelines

Policy Code: IM1565


This document provides information for those considering developing applications and resources for deployment on the University's corporate webserver. It is important that prospective developers understand the context in which the webserver operates and the constraints that apply to hosting third party applications.

The University's corporate webserver is a key component of the University's marketing, information dissemination, teaching and administrative operations and the highest priorities of the corporate web team are to ensure reliability, data integrity and security of the system. Because of this we are extremely cautious about allowing it to be used for the deployment of custom projects.

Please note the following points when considering projects involving the University's corporate webserver (WebApps):

  1. As a general position, the corporate webserver (webapps.federation.edu.au) is not available for hosting student or third-party applications.
  2. The corporate webserver is not available as a development platform for third-party or student projects.
  3. On occasions, after discussion with the corporate web team, it may be agreed that a project is of such potential benefit to the University that development can proceed with the prospect of the application ultimately being hosted on the corporate server. In these circumstances, developers should take note of the following points:
    • A detailed project outline, including technical requirements and project overview, should be supplied to the corporate web team prior to development starting.
    • A working sample should be available for inspection by the corporate web team, running on a hardware/software platform equivalent to the corporate environment.
    • Comprehensive end-user and technical documentation for the application must be provided to the corporate web team. This would include user manuals (for end users) and technical documentation outlining system and configuration requirements.
    • If it is agreed that the application will be hosted, the application will be provided to the corporate web team who will do the installation.
    • Unless otherwise agreed, the corporate web team makes no commitment to maintain, troubleshoot or enhance custom applications.
    • In special circumstances, when work on a server to accommodate a new application must be undertaken, this work will be done at night and the overtime cost will be charged to the School or Section sponsoring the project.
    • Custom applications will only be considered if they have the potential for University-wide service improvements or provide critical functionality to a particular School or Section.
    • If a custom application is found to be dysfunctional or causing unacceptable interference to core services it will be disabled immediately. Responsibility for fixing the problem rests with the developer or the School or Section owning the application. If the corporate web team is required to fix problems, Schools or Sections will be charged for the work undertaken.
  4. Final approval for the hosting of a particular application or project on the corporate webserver will rest with the Director, Centre for eResearch and Digital Innovation (CeRDI) in consultation with the Manager, ICT Services.
  5. The staff and student webserver (velorum hosting uob-community.ballarat.edu.au) remains available as a development server. Student and staff accounts are available on that server and access is provided to a number of development tools. However, as velorum and WebApps are quite different in their configuration, applications successfully implemented on velorum will not necessarily be suitable for deployment on WebApps. Also keep in mind that we are unable to provide tuition, troubleshooting or maintenance for projects hosted on velorum.

Please feel free to contact the corporate web team for more information.

Scott Limmer
Systems Analyst Programmer
Centre for eResearch and Digital Innovation (CeRDI)
Phone: 5327 6231
Email: webteam@federation.edu.au


The Deployment of Custom Applications and Projects on the University's Corporate Webserver Guidelines will be implemented throughout the University via:

  1. a news item under ‘Staff news’ on the University website and through the University Policy - ‘Recently Approved Documents’ webpage to alert the University-wide community of the approved Guidelines; and
  2. inclusion on the University's online Policy Library.