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Posthumous (Coursework) Awards

Posthumous (Coursework) Awards Procedure

Policy Code: LT1448


To provide the method by which an award may be conferred posthumously while ensuring the University standards are maintained in relation to an appropriate level of academic performance being attained.


This procedure applies to awards where the Dean of the School responsible for the program or a member of the deceased student's family has made a request for an award to be conferred posthumously and must be referred to by Schools when seeking approval for the granting of a posthumous award.


All cases will be considered on an individual basis.

  1. A candidate who completed the academic requirements for a course but died before the award was conferred.
  2. A candidate who, at the time of death, had completed the equivalent of a minimum of 75 per cent of the academic requirements of the course.
  3. Notwithstanding (2) a deceased candidate may be eligible for an ‘exit’ award. For example, a student enrolled in the Master of Information Technology may be eligible for the award of the Graduate Certificate in Information Technology; or a student enrolled in a Diploma may be eligible for the award of the Certificate IV.
  4. Notwithstanding these criteria Academic Board may vary the conditions in particular circumstances.


  • An application for a posthumous award will normally be made by the Dean of the relevant School, or nominee, after consultation with the deceased candidate’s next of kin or agent. An application might also be made by the next of kin or agent of the deceased student. This application would be forwarded to the relevant Dean of School or nominee.
  • An application will normally be made within three years of the candidate’s death.
  • The relevant Dean of School or nominee will make a written application to the Academic Board, which will contain the candidate’s academic record, confirmation that the candidate’s death has been recorded in accordance with Student Services’ deceased student procedure and any other information that the Dean of School or nominee considers relevant to the particular case.
  • In instances where the application involves an incomplete award, the Chair of Academic Board will establish an ad hoc committee to consider the application and make a recommendation to the Board.
  • If Academic Board determines that such an award is appropriate after taking account of the relevant circumstances, Academic Board will recommend to Council on posthumous awards.
  • In instance where a posthumous award is not appropriate or recommended, the Board may recommend to the Vice-Chancellor that a ‘Certificate of Achievement’ be forwarded to the student’s next of kin.
    All aspects of any application for a posthumous award must be undertaken with sensitivity and appropriate discretion. The student’s next of kin or agent should always be consulted on the application. The possibility of giving unreasonable expectations on the outcome of an application should be avoided.