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Higher Education Partner Provider Delivery

Document Currently Under Review

Current Status: Under Review - With Editor 12 April 2021

Higher Education Partner Provider Delivery Policy

Policy Code: LT1947


Federation University Australia offers its programs through a number of partner providers both within Australia and off-shore.  The nature of these delivery arrangements, including the roles and responsibilities of partners, and quality assurance processes, are encapsulated in legally binding contracts between the University and each of its partner providers.

The purpose of this policy is to identify the principles which underpin delivery of University programs via partner providers, and the quality assurance processes that must be applied to all higher education course delivery relationships with partner providers, both onshore and offshore.


This policy applies to all University Higher Education Programs which are delivered or administered by partner providers and must be applied by all University staff involved in the delivery and administration of these programs.  This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Academic and general staff of relevant Schools
  • Staff involved in the approval process and ongoing administration of the programs, including International and Partners’ Committee, Finance, Student Management and Systems, Centre for University Partnerships, Quality, Surveys and Records, Student Support and Services, Legal, and other areas as appropriate.

Legislative Context

  • Federation University Australia Act 2010
  • Relevant University Statutes and Regulations
  • Privacy Act (1988)
  • Educational Services to Overseas Students (ESOS) Act 2000 (as amended)
  • Educational Services to Overseas Students (ESOS) Regulations 2001
  • National Code of Practice 2007


Term Definition
Agreement/Contract An Education Agreement between the University and a partner provider
BC Budget Committee
Census Date The census date is the date on which a student’s enrolment is finalised for a course and applicable fees and charges are incurred. It is therefore the last day to withdraw from a course without incurring a financial liability for that course, and have it removed from the official academic record.
Course A single subject comprising part of a program
CSP Commonwealth Supported Load
CUP Centre for University Partnerships
DVCE Deputy Vice-Chancellor Engagement
ESOS Education Services for Overseas Students (Act)
ICT Information and Communications Technology
Intake A set of students selected and enrolled to commence a program at the same time
International Student A student studying a University program, on-shore in Australia with a student visa, or off-shore
Invoice University Debtor’s Invoice generated to charge partner provider our component of Tuition Fees
IPC International Partners’ Committee
ISA International Student Admissions
Location The University partner provider Campus Location
Minimum numbers Number of students required to commence an intake
MOU Memorandum of Understanding
Organisation The Partner Provider
Organisation fee The amount payable to the organisation
Partner Provider An approved educational institution that delivers university programs/courses as part of an agreement with Federation University
Program A program of learning based on a curriculum, training package, units of study, or structured workplace learning which leads to an award. Non-award studies include programs for professional development, education development, general interest and preparation for study offered by the University.
Schedule of Enrolment Partner Provider Schedule listing student enrolment details
Student A person enrolled in a FedUni Program
Student Management System The University’s approved student management system
Tuition Fees The fees payable by students for the Programs as determined by the parties
VC Vice-Chancellor of Federation University Australia

Policy Statement

Course delivery arrangements with partner providers shall be underpinned by the following principles:

  • Students enrolled in University courses are entitled to all the concomitant rights and responsibilities, whether their learning experience is with the University directly, or with one of the University’s partner providers.
  • The University bears ultimate responsibility for the quality of its courses, the student experience, and compliance with all relevant Regulatory standards, including TEQSA standards and the ESOS Act 2000 (for international students studying in Australia under a student visa).  Nothing in the arrangements with partner providers shall override the responsibilities of the University Council or its Academic Board and their policies and procedures.
  • Programs and courses provided through partner providers must apply academic standards and lead to learning outcomes which are equivalent to those of programs and courses provided directly by the University.

The University’s processes and procedures for Quality Assurance for programs and courses delivered through partner providers are set out in the legal agreements which govern these arrangements.  These processes and procedures include, but are not limited to matters of academic control, student experience, regulatory compliance, quality assurance, and analysis of financial risk.

The University will undertake a thorough process of due diligence prior to entering into a legally binding contact with a partner provider - Refer Operational Requirements for Partner Provider Agreements Procedure.

 Arrangements with a partner provider will be established by a formal Agreement between the University and the partner entity - Refer Operational Requirements for Partner Provider Agreements Procedure

 Authority to enter into such agreements is restricted to the Vice-Chancellor.  Agreements will have been endorsed by the relevant School/s prior to being authorised.  The Vice-Chancellor will establish delegated authorities to amend such Agreements.

All partner provider arrangements will be subject to oversight by the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Engagement), with input from FedUni’s International and Partners’ Committee.  This oversight shall be conducted in consultation with relevant Schools and appropriate administrative areas.  Oversight shall commence during the planning stage of new partnerships, and will continue until such time as the formal relationship with the partner provider terminates and all consequential student and contractual matters are resolved.

International and Partners’ Committee will continually monitor the performance of Partner Provider arrangements and periodically report to Academic Board.

The University’s legal office Centre for University Partnerships will maintain a register of all Partner Provider agreements. 

Supporting Documents


  • Deputy Vice-Chancellor Engagement is responsible for monitoring the implementation, outcomes and scheduled review of this policy and its accompanying procedure
  • Director, Partnerships and Commercial Engagements is responsible for maintaining the content of this policy as delegated by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor Engagement
  • Manager, Partner Relationships is responsible for the administration support for the maintenance of this policy as directed by the Director, Partnerships and Commercial Engagement


The Higher Education Partner Provider Delivery Policy will be communicated throughout the University via:

  • An Announcement Notice via FedNews and on the FedUni Policy Central's Policy Library 'Recently Approved Documents’ page to alert the University-wide community of the approved Policy.
  • Inclusion in the University’s Partner Operations Manual.


The Higher Education Partner Provider Delivery Policy will be implemented throughout the University via:

  • An Announcement Notice via FedNews and on the FedUni Policy Central's Policy Library 'Recently Approved Documents’ page to alert the University-wide community of the approved Policy.
  • Inclusion on the University’s Policy Administration Management Portal.
  • Inclusion in the University’s Partner Operations Manual.