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Document Currently Under Review

Current Status: Under Review /With Editor 20 October 2015

Internationalisation Policy

Policy Code: LT1460


To establish a framework for the development and integration of internationalisation in the University’s strategy, organisation, diversity, culture and governance.


Internationalisation applies to and integrates across: curriculum content and development; research and scholarship; student orientation and experience; staff and staffing; commercial and service delivery; and a guiding context of our work and values in the University. This approach provides an explicit recognition of the overarching academic context; regulatory framework for quality and partnerships; and the scope of the business environment the University operates in.  It applies to all staff and students and members of the University decision-making or advisory bodies. It also provides a framework for the University’s partner providers to operate in when they are dealing with University programs.


Internationalisation: The process of integrating an international, intercultural or global dimension into the purpose, functions or delivery of post secondary education. It means achieving an international focus across all University activities and necessitated by processes of globalisation of knowledge, markets, values and culture.
Internationalisation of the Curriculum: Is characterised by a structure and content of a course within a program that not only provides a global awareness, but also offers relevant local examples and permits a student to learn in the context of the culture in which the student is most familiar.
Partner Provider: An Educational institution providing courses and programs of the University through an approved Education Agreement.

Policy Statement

Federation University Australia has a regional focus, but its future is dependent on how it accesses global knowledge and expertise, collaborates with universities and research institutes throughout the world, and access international student markets.  Internationalisation encompasses a set of actions and domains, but is also a state of mind that is borderless and determines responses to a variety of cultural, academic, administrative and social issues.  Internationalisation requires an integration of an international dimension into all we do and is the University’s response to the globalisation of education training and research.

Federation University Australia international strategic purpose is to internationalise the University by:

  • Developing University staff and students as global learners and citizens.
  • Preparing graduates to perform capably and sensitively in international and multicultural societies.
  • Encourage staff to develop as international researchers and to deliver teaching and training at international standards.
  • Facilitate collaborative links between international communities, especially those located in regional areas.

The internationalisation of the University will provide:

  • Access and equity to international students studying and researching with the University on-campus, off-campus and off-shore.
  • Internationalisation of the curriculum and student experience.
  • International collaborations in education, training and research.


The Vice-Chancellor is responsible for implementation of this Policy.

The University will assess all internationalisation activities to determine the individual, University or regional benefit through its:

Body Role
University Council Strategic development and reporting against University objectives.
Vice-Chancellor & VCST and Heads of School Strategic development, resource allocation and overall responsibility.
Audit and Risk Committee Monitor risk.
Academic Board Academic principles and frameworks and teaching and research quality assurance.
International Committee Strategic development, planning and risk management.
Earned Income Committee Financial advice and approvals.


Implementation will occur through the following actions:

  1. Tabling at VCST, Academic Board and International Committee.
  2. Email and accompanying memo to all Heads of School at the University.
  3. An Announcement Notice under ‘FedNews’ on the ‘FedUni’ website and on the ‘Recently Approved Documents’ webpage on the University Policy website to alert the University-wide community of the approved Policy.