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Sustainability Policy

Policy Code: PF1230


To make a clear statement of the commitment by the University (FedUni) to:

  • Foster a culture of sustainability and reducing the University's ecological footprint;
  • Incorporate principles and understanding of sustainability into teaching, student learning, research, consultancy and community engagement; and
  • Incorporate sustainability performance alongside other key performance indicators of the organisation.


This policy applies to all activities of the University, to its students, staff and other members of the community utilising the university and to the campuses at Mt Helen, SMB, Camp Street, Ararat, Stawell and Horsham.


Sustainability: Operating and behaving in a manner which equally considers environmental responsibility alongside social and financial responsibility, to meet the needs of the present and create a foundation for future generations to meet their own needs.
Sustainability Performance: Operational need, environmental impact and social responsibility are key considerations resulting in the effective and efficient use of resources including gas, electricity, water, transport, construction materials and procurement practices which encourage environmental stewardship.
Education for Sustainability: Linking campus management to research, curriculum and administrative practice, such that a learning for sustainability approach is embedded across every aspect of institutional operations in a synergistic way.
Ecologically Sustainable Design: The use of design principles and strategies which help reduce the ecological impact of a building.


Policy Statement

Federation University Australia is committed to improving the sustainability performance of the organisation through promoting a culture of sustainability, managing our operations in a manner that minimises our environmental and social impacts and enabling the integration of sustainability principles and practices into teaching and learning, research and community engagement.

The university will meet this commitment by:

  • Ensuring sustainability is reflected in FedUni's strategic documents.
  • Developing an annual Sustainability Reporting framework.
  • Developing education for sustainability through utilising the university's research, curriculum and administrative practice to enhance organisational sustainability.
  • Incorporating the principles of Ecologically Sustainable Design (ESD) into all capital and infrastructure projects.
  • Providing training and support for staff to adopt sustainability principles and practices to achieve sustainable behaviour change in the workplace.
  • Undertaking research which will develop and strengthen regional partnerships that address sustainable development.
  • Building capacity in the community by producing graduates who are sustainability literate through their experience at the University.
  • Partnering with the community to respond to the regional needs for a sustainable future and provide leadership in our region.


The Vice Chancellor or nominee of the Vice Chancellor will have responsibility for ensuring the policy is implemented.

The Vice President, Student & Learning Support will have responsibility for monitoring and reviewing the Policy.

Legislative Context

  • Environmental Protection Act 1970.
  • OTTE Energy Management Reporting.
  • Financial Management Act 1994.
  • Annual Reporting Requirements, Report on Environmental Performance.

Associated Documents

  • Nil.


The Sustainability Policy will be implemented and communicated in the following ways:

  • Presentation to Vice Chancellors Forum.
  • Email to all staff and students.
  • Information workshops to be held with Sustainability Champions network.
  • Meetings and presentations to key stakeholders.
  • Section on Sustainability @ University website.
  • 'Current News' on the 'FedUni' website and the 'What's New' page on the 'Policies and Procedures @ FedUni' website.