Enrolment Withdrawal (TAFE) Procedure

Policy Code: SS1029


This procedure describes the TAFE (VET) Sector administrative process for withdrawing a student from a complete program or individual course/s.


This procedure applies to all TAFE (VET) courses and to all staff involved in withdrawing a student in the following circumstances:

  • Withdrawal from a complete program or individual course/s.
  • Student initiated withdrawal.
  • Non-negotiated absence withdrawal.


APT: Academic Progress Tracker.
Campus Solutions: Federation University Australia’s TAFE (VET) student management system.
CAN: Commonwealth Assistance Notice.
Census Dates: The census date is the deadline by which students enrolled in a VET FEE- HELP program or a VET Student Loan must take certain actions, such as withdraw from a course/s or a full program without financial penalty. A census date applies to each individual course of enrolment.
Course: To simplify the language used in the TAFE (VET) Sector procedures and associated documents, the word ‘course’ has been uniformly used to encompass both a ‘unit of competency’ from Training Packages and a ‘module’ from curriculum based programs.
 Skills First Program The Skills First Program, governing body for Further Education and Training, www.education.vic.gov.au
Program: A structured and integrated program of education or training consisting of a number of courses of competency or modules or an accredited short course, usually leading to the award of a qualification.
VET FEE-HELP: VET FEE-HELP is an Australian Government loan scheme that assist eligible students to pay their tuition fees for high-level VET courses (at the Diploma level and above) undertaken at approved VET FEE-HELP providers (approved VET providers).
VET Student Loan: Australian government loan program to assist eligible students enrolled in approved higher level vocational education and training (VET) courses to pay all or part of their tuition fees.


Withdrawal from a complete program or individual course/s


Student initiates withdrawal.


Conduct interview with student regarding withdrawal from program or course/s.



School Representative

Obtain feedback from student as to the reasons for withdrawal and refer student to services offered by Student Connect, if necessary.
1b. Non-negotiated absence withdrawal. School Representative

Contact student via written correspondence to ascertain whether they wish to be withdrawn or reason for their absence.

Included in this correspondence must be a statement in relation to VET FEE-HELP programs or VET Student Loan programs and census dates. A student enrolled in a VET FEE-HELP program or  a VET Student Loan programs needs to withdraw, in writing, prior to census dates to avoid incurring the debt.


If student has not responded by the advised date or the student indicates they wish to withdraw from the complete program or individual course/s commence withdrawal process.


All withdrawals must be reported within the year of scheduled commencement in training AND no later than the two (2) months from the point of withdrawal as per VET Funding Contract.

2. Enter withdrawal details on student's APT, set status refund status to 'PEND' and print withdrawal form. School Representative

To ensure we meet our reporting and contractual requirements to Skills First:

•   Withdrawals with participation must include actual hours claimed. This cannot be the full course hours. Evidence of participation must support the hours claimed.

•   Withdrawal can be for a complete program or individual course/s.

•   Include material fee refund, if applicable.

To determine the actual hours attended/delivered use the following calculation formula:

Calculation of with participation (WP) hours:

SCH/course duration (in weeks) x number of weeks delivered = WP hours.

•   'Course duration in weeks' must be calculated using the legitimate/actual course start and end dates

•   The 'number of weeks delivered' must be supported by 'Evidence of Participation'. Refer to the Evidence of Student Participation / Engagement (VET) Procedure.

If the above formula is not used in the calculation of WP hours, Schools must show how WP hours were calculated on the withdrawal form.


If not entering the withdrawal details directly into the student management system, the withdrawal form must be authorised by the school representative, including all

      relevant information and materials fees refund amount, if applicable.
3. Student to authorise withdrawal. School Representative / Student

Student must either sign the withdrawal form or advise of their intention to withdraw in writing.

Written authorisation must be attached to the withdrawal form.


The School must keep a record of documentation advising the student that they will be withdrawn from complete program or course/s if they do not respond to written correspondence by the date advised.

As per the VET Funding Contract enrolment changes must be endorsed by the individual.

Student signature (and date signed) is required in cases where a refund may be payable.

4. Withdrawal of students under 17 years School Representative
  1. If a student stops attending training with the University and is still under 17 years, the Victorian Department of Education and Training (DET) must be notified that the student is no longer attending training.
  2. Notifications to DET should be done using the attached School Exemption Retraction Notification form.
5. Withdrawals for VET FEE-HELP or VET Student Loan approved programs. School Representative

Students must be provided with clear information on how to withdraw from a course of study including information on individual census dates.

•   A VET provider must not have a financial, administrative or other barriers that would result in a student not being able to withdraw from a VET course of study on or before the census date.

Student must either sign the withdrawal form or advise of their intention to withdraw in writing prior to the census date to ensure they do not incur the debt.

6. Enter withdrawal into student management system, set status to 'PEND' print and forward to Student HQ. School Representative

•   Has the student signed the withdrawal?

•   Has the student provided an e- mail or some other form of written authority to withdraw them from the program or course/s?

      •   Withdrawal forms must be submitted to Student  HQ within 5 days of the school receiving and processing them in Campus Solutions.

Assess withdrawal to determine eligibility for refund of fees.

Enter withdrawal details in Campus Solutions and file withdrawal form.

Student  HQ

Refund in accordance with the VET Student Refund Procedure.

•   Scan form and forward to Student Fees if student is eligible for a refund of their material fees.

•   If a VET FEE-HELP program or VET Student Loan program - does the student require a new CAN? Does it require a revision file to be forwarded to Data & Reporting? Does Student Fees need to be advised?

•   Full Program withdrawal - scan a copy of the withdrawal form to graduation@federation.edu.au to initiate the issuing of a Statement of Attainment, if applicable.


  • The University Registrar has responsibility for maintaining this procedure.
  • Specific responsibilities are included in Actions.

Policy Base

Forms/Record Keeping

Item Location Responsible Officer Minimum Retention Period
Withdrawal Form
Student HQ Manager Student HQ 7 years after enrolment has expired


The Enrolment Withdrawal (TAFE) Procedure will be implemented throughout the University via:

  1. an Announcement under 'FedNews' on the FedUni website,
  2. the University Policy - 'Recently Approved Documents' webpage to alert the University-wide community of the approved Procedure, and
  3. inclusion on the University's online Policy Library.