VET Enrolment Procedure

Policy Code: SS1858


This procedure describes the VET Sector administrative processes for enrolling all students, including apprentices, VETiS and VTAC students.


This procedure covers the stages of;

  • Verifying Course Data on the Student Mangement System
  • Applications for Admission
  • Selection of Students
  • Enrolment of Students


Term Definition
Campus Solutions: Federation University Australia's VET Student Management System.
Program: A structured and integrated program of education or training consisting of a number of units of competency or modules or an accredited short course, usually leading to the award of a qualification.
Program Selection Officer: Person nominated by School to determine prospective student's eligibility for enrolment and then select students to receive offers of course placement.
Teaching Group: A defined combination of students/courses/units. A group is used to manage and track course delivery to these students. Campus Solutions issues a unique identifier to each group.
Teaching Group Listing: Lists all defined units within a Group.
MyStudent Centre: Federation University Australia's VET Student Management System.
Course/Unit: To simplify the language used in the VET Sector procedures and associated documents, the word 'course/unit' has been uniformly used to encompass both a 'unit of competency' from Training Packages and a 'module' from curriculum based courses.


Note: Enrolment processing will commence in December in the preceding year.

Verifying Program / Course Data on Student Management System

1. Verify that the program being offered has been correctly entered on Campus Solutions and is available for enrolment. Program Co-ordinator

If the program has not been correctly entered refer to the VET Adding New Course and Unit Procedure (SS1011).

If the program is expired or ceased - contact Quality Services for approval to enrol individual students.

Tuition fees must have been approved and published.

2. Verify that teaching groups have been established for the program. Program Co-ordinator If teaching groups have not been established, refer to VET Group Set Up Procedure (SS1012).
3. Ensure all School staff involved in enrolment have access to the current teaching group in Campus Solutions. Program Co-ordinator

Selection of course / units need to be assigned from the AIR tree to each individual student's APT.

Assign teaching staff to class rosters and grade rosters.

Applications for Admission

1. Complete Direct Application form, VTAC or Delta Registration. Student

Students may seek advice from Schools in completing the admission application.

Note: If processing a manual enrolment form, the application form is part of the enrolment process. A separate application form is not required.

2. Forward completed application to relevant School or Student HQ.

Direct & VTAC applications - Admissions Office

DELTA applications - DELTA Compliance Officer

VTAC and DELTA applications are received electronically.
3. Acknowledge receipt of the application and forward relevant program/enrolment information to the student. Program Co-ordinator  

Selection of Students

1. Appoint program selection officers and establish criteria / process for undertaking selection. Associate Dean / Deputy Director Managing diversity requirements should be taken into account.
2. Physical presence in Victoria Program Co-ordinator/Program Selection Officer

Where training and/or assessment is provided to an eligible individual the individual must be physically present in the State of Victoria at ALL times at which they are undertaking the training and/or assessment.

Where an eligible individual is temporarily located interstate or overseas for a defined period as part of an industry or practical placement associated with their training, up to 50% of the total scheduled hours applying to the training and/or assessment in which the individual is enrolled may be delivered online during the period the individual is interstate or overseas.

3. Conduct Pre-Training Review/LNN Program Co-ordinator/Program Selection Officer

All students must undergo Pre-Training Review and LNN testing prior to enrolment - refer to the VET Pre-Enrolment Procedure:

VET Pre-Enrolment Procedure


LNN testing is co-ordinated by FedCollege

4. Determine eligibility for a government subsidised place Program Co-ordinator/Program Selection Officer

Selection should be undertaken based on the program selection criteria.

The Selection Officer must be an approved RTO delegate.

Authorised Delegate Form

Eligibility Guidelines, evidence and enrolment requirements for government subsidised training can be found in the current Dual Sector VET Funding Contract Skills First Program. 

Information on government initiatives can be found at New Initiatives Schedule and Addition to the Initiative Schedule

The RTO is required to sight the original or a certified copy of the eligibility of evidence and retain a copy of the students file.

The RTO must inform the eligible individual how their enrolment will impact their access to further government subsidised training.

5. Unique Student Identifier (USI) Program Co-ordinator / Program Selection Officer

All individuals undertaking nationally recognised training delivered by a registered training organisation need to provide their USI before enrolment.

This a randomly generated code that is available online from the Australian Government and will stay with the individual for life and be recorded with any nationally recognised VET program that is undertaken from 2015 onwards.  The USI will make it easier for individuals to find, collate and authenticate their VET achievements into a single transcript.

Individuals can create their own USI and find out more information at www.usi.gov.au

If an individual does not have a USI they can give their consent to the University to apply for it on their behalf by completing the VET Unique Student Identifier (USI) Consent Form:


6. Statement of Fees Program Co-ordinator/Program Selection Officer

All students must be provided with a statement of fees prior to enrolling.

Please contact Finance in regards to the Statement of Fees template.

7. Approve enrolment. Program Co-ordinator / Program Selection Officer

The evidence of eligibility and student declaration must be completed in conjunction with the student by an authorised delegate of the University.

A list of authorised delegates is maintained by the Schools. To become an authorised delegate, submit the Authorised Delegate Form (pdf 37kb).

An authorised RTO delegate is an approved delegate who has authorisation to sign and approve a manual enrolment form and complete the online eligibility. Approved RTO delegates only will be given access to Campus Solutions Maintain Applications.

8. Offer a place to successful applicants and provide information about the enrolment process, enrolment dates, program fees and charges, including a statement of fees and the refund policy. Program Co-ordinator / Program Selection Officer

Ensure eligibility evidence and declarations are provided and completed by both RTO delegate and and students prior to commencement of training.

Students must commence training prior to the 31st December in the enrolment year to receive funding.

9. Provide unsuccessful applicants, where appropriate, with advice regarding alternative programs. Program Co-ordinator / Program Selection Officer Advise students of alternative study options or pathways.
10. Ceasing delivery to students prior to completion of program Associate Dean / Deputy Director If training to an individual is cancelled prior to them completing their program the University must advise students of alternative study options or pathways.

Enrolment of Students

1. Assign courses from the AIR tree to the students APT and set student to self service. Program Co-ordinator in consultation with student Ensure credit transfers and RPL's, if applicable, have been identified and approved when assigning courses from the AIR tree to the student's APT.
2. Provide student with Training Plan & unit outline. Program Co-ordinator

The training plan unit enrolment form and unit outline make up the training plan.

This must be signed by both the student and the RTO delegate and filed with the student file in the School within 4 weeks of the commencement of training.

A signed copy must be provided to the student.

3. Notify students to complete their online enrolment. Program Co-ordinator/Program Selection Officer

Students under the age of 18, and who are enrolling in a VCAL Senior Secondary qualification must have their enrolment countersigned by a parent or guardian.  The completed form must be kept on the students file. http://policy.federation.edu.au/forms/Under-18-Parent-Guardian-Consent-Form.pdf

Prior to enrolling a student under the age of 17 and if the student has not yet completed Year 10, the RTO must sight correspondence or a certificate signed by a Department Regional Director that exempts the student from attendance and either:  a) clearly identifies the RTO and the training to be undertaken; or b) clearly identifies the relevant employer where the student is to undertake an apprenticeship or traineeship.

If the student has completed Year 10 the RTO must sight a completed 'Transition from School Form; or correspondence or a certificate signed by the school principal or a Department Regional Director that exempts that student from school attendance and either:  a) clearly identifies the RTO and the training to be undertaken; or b) clearly identifies the relevant employer where the student is to undertake an apprenticeship or traineeship.

Note:  If the student stops attending training and is at the time still under 17 the RTO should notify the relevant Regional Office of the Department to inform them the individual is no longer attending training.

Student logs in via their MySC. They are required to complete their checklist (all statistical questions), enrol and confirm and accept their fees.

Students can enter their current concession card details online, however, they must provide a physical copy to Student HQ within 10 days.  A copy must be retained by Student HQ on the student's file.

4. If a manual enrolment form, forward to Student HQ for processing.  

If a manual enrolment, ensure all eligibility evidence has been provided and declarations have been signed and dated prior to the commencement of training by both the student and RTO delegate.

  • Ensure all statistical questions have been answered.
  • Include unit enrolment sheet with enrolment form and a copy of current concession card if applicable.
  • Schools are responsible for ensuring enrolment forms are completed to the quality standards required.
5. Check enrolment form has been completed and authorised. Student HQ Using the Student HQ checklist ensure enrolment is completed correctly and meets compliance requirements
6. Process enrolment in Student Management System. Student HQ This includes issuing students with a unique identification number and identification card.
7. Check fees have calculated correctly. Student HQ Run tuition calculations and advise student fees of any discrepancies.
8. File enrolment form. Student HQ Ensure copies of current concession cards and government initiative referral forms are filed with the enrolment form.
9. VET Student Loan Programs Student

The eCAF (electronic CAF) is generated by the Commonwealth Government eCAF website.  Eligible individuals are advised by email when their online application is ready for completion and submission.  The email is sent from the eCAF website and needs to be completed within the required timeframe and prior to the census date.

Individuals under the age of 18 require parent/guardian approval before their fees can be deferred.

Individuals who have deferred their fees to a VET Student Loan will be advised by email to login into the eCAF system to complete a short survey to indicate their study intent and to confirm their continued engagement and participation in their course.  Failure to comply may affect the individual's ability to continue to defer their fees.  This is referred to as 'VET Student Loans engagement and progression'.


  • The University Registrar has responsibility for the maintenance of this procedure.
  • Specific responsibilities are included in Actions.

Implementation and Communication

The VET Enrolment Procedure will be implemented and communicated throughout the University via:

  1. Announcement on the FedNews webpage;
  2. Memo to Schools/Departments
  3. Inclusion in the University's Policy Library;
  4. Staff training;
  5. Information sessions.

Records Management

Note to Policy Editors: Please check with the Central Records that the content in this section is compliant with PROV

Title Location Responsible Officer Minimum Retention Period

Enrolment Form

(Including concession and fee waiver documentation)

Student HQ Manager Student HQ 7 years after enrolment has expired

Selection Records

(Including Direct Application Form)

School Deputy Dean / Associate Director 1 year
Training Plan School Deputy Dean / Associate Director 2 years

Records Disposal

University records must only be disposed of in accordance with the University's Records Disposal Process as outlined in the Records Framework Procedure. Authorisation must be obtained from the Head of School/Centre/College, Records Management Services and the Director of Academic Services or their delegate prior to disposal. Records must not be destroyed where it is known that those records may likely be required in evidence, either now or in the future

Supporting Documents

  • VTAC Guide
  • VET Information guide (Government funded eligibility requirements)
  • VET Adding New Course and Unit Procedure
  • VET Group Set Up Procedure
  • VET Tuition Fees and Charges
  • VET Direct Application Form
  • VET InfoGuide
  • New Initiatives Schedule

Legislative Context

External Regulatory requirements