Vocational Education and Training (VET) Awards Procedure

Policy code: SS1710
Policy owner: Dean of Students and Registrar
Approval authority: Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive TAFE
Approval date: 26 February 2013
Next review date: 11 February 2024


This procedure describes the administrative processes for the issuing and reissuing of VET Awards. This procedure also includes the process for the destruction of awards.


This procedure applies to all students issued with a VET sealed or unsealed award at Federation University. It does not apply to students receiving higher education awards. For procedure relating to higher education awards, see Higher Education Awards Procedure


Academic Board: Academic Board is the  principal academic body of the university. The purpose of Academic Board is twofold: academic oversight of programs and courses of study in Higher Education and Vocational Education and Training in the University; and advice of an academic nature to Council on the conduct and content of those programs and courses.
Academic Transcript: A record of a student’s results for the duration of the student’s enrolment at the University.
Assessment A variety of methods or tools used to evaluate, document and
facilitate academic progress and achievement, to confirm that an individual can perform to the standard required in the workplace, as specified in a training package or VET accredited course.
AQF: Australian Qualifications Framework. A nationally consistent set of qualifications for all post-compulsory education and training in Australia.
Curriculum Documents: Program/course descriptor documents approved by an accrediting body at the National, State or the University level, including Training Packages.
Identify Potential Graduates (IPG): The identify potential graduates process in the University's approved student management system identifies students who appear to have met the program structure rules as defined in the approved program structure and thus are potentially eligible to graduate, subject to the confirmation of other graduation criteria contained in the curriculum rules of the program that may not be fully referenced in the systematic IPG process.
Program: Structured education or training consisting of a number of units/subjects usually leading to the award of a qualification.
NRT Logo: National registered training logo used nationally to certify quality VET accredited training.
Qualification: Accredited programs are referred to as 'qualification' throughout this procedure.
Sealed Awards: AQF certification documentation, formally authenticated by the University and issued only to a learner who has been assessed as meeting the requirements of the qualification.
Statute 5.1 – The Schedule: A listing of the University academic awards approved for issue by the University Council.
Training Package A training package, in Australia, is a set of nationally endorsed standards, qualifications and guidelines used to recognise and assess the skills and knowledge people need to perform effectively in the workplace.
Unique Student Identifier An identifier assigned to an individual by the Registrar under section 10 or 12 of the Student Identifiers Act 2014.
Unit: A unit of competency is the smallest component of achievement which can be nationally recognised. In this procedure the word unit will be used to refer to units of competency from qualifications.
Unsealed Awards: A certificate issued to recognise that one or more accredited units have been achieved.
VET Vocational Education and Training.
VET Quality Framework

Comprises of:

a) the Standards for Registered Training Organisations

b) the Australian Qualifications Framework

c) the Fit and Proper Persons

d) the Financial Viability Risk Assessment Requirements

e) the Data Provision Requirements

Sealed Awards

1. Identifying Potential Graduates

A. Program structure established in the University’s approved student management system. Coordinator, Program Administration

Programs are configured using the VET Program Approval Procedure.

B. Resulting Education Manager / Trainer/Assessor Trainer/Assessor will ensure that resulting of the last unit of competency occurs in line with the VET Assessment Procedure.
C. Run the Identify Potential Graduates (IPG) Process Graduations Coordinator Run the IPG process in the University’s student management system as scheduled and forward the list to Coordinator, Program Administration for verification checks.

2. Confirmation of Eligibility and Notification

A. Confirm eligibility to graduate. Coordinator Program Administration
  1. Check that approved curriculum packaging rules / requirements have been met
  2. Where the rules are unable to be verified systematically, ask the Program Coordinator/Education Manager to confirm completion of the necessary criteria and provide details of such criteria for future reference

Note: Checks must be completed within three (3) working days of receipt of list.

Note: If last study is more than 10 years ago, please refer to rule in the University Awards Policy which states restrictions applicable.

B. Update eligibility.

Coordinator Program Administration

NOTE: The officer must be independent from the Graduation office.

  1. Update eligibility in the University’s approved student management system
  2. Advise Graduation Office
C. Generate Council List Graduations Coordinator
  1. Run system conferral process and generate Council List.
  2. Verify that programs on Council List are current on Schedule 5.1 or Schedule 5.1.1
  3. Forward to Coordinator Program Administration via ECM for final QA checks.
D. Conduct final quality assurance checks. Coordinator Program  Administration
  1. Conduct final comparison of students between council list and verified student list and confirm list with Graduations Coordinator.

Note: In the event of any discrepancy, Graduations Coordinator and Coordinator Program Administration will resolve.

Forward the Council List to the Chair, Academic Board and Chancellor (or authorised delegate) via ECM workflow.

E. Approve Council List.

Chair, Academic Board and Chancellor (or authorised delegate).

Graduation Coordinator

Approve list via ECM within five (5) working days.

F. Notify Federation TAFE of conferred award list Graduation Coordinator Forward list of conferred awards to General Manager (TAFE) for noting by TAFE Executive team.

3. Producing Sealed Awards

A. Print awards Graduations Coordinator

When notification of Council List approval is received via ECM:

  1. Print awards.
  2. Ensure awards comply with Schedule of Awards.
  3. Compare with Council List
  4. Check quality of documents
B. Print academic transcripts Graduations Coordinator 1.    Ensure information is stated correctly as detailed in the Schedule of Awards
C. Upload graduation documents to the My eQuals portal Graduations Coordinator 1.    Upload awards and academic transcripts and testamurs to the My eQuals portal and check to ensure information is uploaded correctly.
D. Collate graduation documents Graduations Coordinator
  1. Collate award and academic transcript.
E. Identify missing Unique Student Identifier’s (USI) Graduations Coordinator
  1. The Graduation officer will identify any student records missing USIs and alert Student HQ
  2. Make note on collated documents that USI is missing and do not release testamur
F. Obtain missing USIs Student HQ
  1. Follow up with student to obtain missing USIs where necessary. Input USI into Campus Solutions and inform Graduation Office
G. Student Communication Graduations Coordinator
  1. Send email to advise students of options to attend a graduation ceremony or graduate In Absentia

4. Destroying Uncollected Sealed Awards




A.      Create Award Disposal List Graduations Coordinator
  1. Determine which awards have been uncollected for more than 7 years since conferral date
  2. Create a list with details of awards to be destroyed and forward to the University Registrar

Note: students wishing to collect/receive a destroyed testamur will need to apply for re-issue refer to 5. Re-Issuing Sealed Awards (lost, stolen, name change, destroyed)

B.      Approve Award Disposal List University Registrar
  1. Approve list and send to Graduations Coordinator
C.      Forward list and documents for destruction Graduations Coordinator
  1. Forward approved list to Corporate Governance to arrange destruction
D.      Destroy original awards Executive Officer to Council
  1. Shred the original award in accordance with the University's approved records disposal process.
E. Complete confirmation of destruction form Executive Officer to Council
  1. Complete a Revoked Testamur – Confirmation of Destruction Form.
  2. Send to Council for noting

Unsealed Awards

1. Issuing Unsealed Awards

A. Identify Unsealed award recipients Education Manager / TAFE Teacher / Student HQ

1.    Complete and submit ‘Application for Unsealed Award’ form to Graduation Office

2.    Forward ‘withdrawal form’ to Graduation Office.

Note: Application must be received by the Graduation office at least 10 working days prior to the awards being required.

Refer to VET Division Schedule of Awards to determine type of Award required.

B. Confirm details on the Application / Withdrawal form Graduations Coordinator

1.    Verify student and course details on completed Application Form by confirming the following

  • Program/course/unit details
  • Results of attendance
  • Type of award to be issued (against VET Division Schedule of Awards)

Note: Statements of Attainment must be issued within 30 days of completion or withdrawal.

C. Process application Graduations Coordinator
  1. Register and process application in approved student management system.
D. Create award list Graduations Coordinator
  1. Create award list in approved student management system
  2. Send list to Chair, Academic Board for approval.
E Approve award list Chair, Academic Board
  1. Approve list and return to Graduations Coordinator
F. Prepare unsealed awards Graduations Coordinator
  1. Print certificates
  2. Verify against applications/withdrawals
G. Issue unsealed awards to student Graduations Coordinator
  1. Send printed certificate to student
  2. Upload documents to My eQuals portal

Note: If student has a debt or doesn’t have a USI, awards cannot be released.

H. File award related forms Graduations Coordinator
  1. File hardcopy of application/withdrawal form and approved award register in graduations office

Replacement of Awards

1. Re-Issue of Sealed Awards

A. Apply in writing to Graduation office for replacement award. Student Complete the relevant application form for replacement award and submit to the Graduations office with the required documentation.
B. Verify original award details Graduations Coordinator
  1. Check details from approved student management system/register of awards against application details to confirm eligibility.
C. Prepare memo to be submitted for approval Graduations Coordinator
  1. Include details of the original award in approved format.
    • For unsealed certificates, submit memo to Chair, Academic Board via email for approval.
    • For sealed certificates, submit memo to Chair, Academic Board and Chancellor via ECM workflow for approval
D. Approve memo Chair, Academic Board and Chancellor (or authorised delegate) Approve list via ECM workflow or email within five working days.
E. Print awards Graduations Officer  
F. Release reissued documents Graduations Coordinator Upload all documents to the My eQuals portal and mail hard copy of all documents to the student.

Student's Name on a Sealed Award

Students can choose the name that is either their enrolment name or a generally acceptable variant of that name, ie Johnathan David Smith

  • can print Johnathan David Smith
  • can print John David Smith
  • can print John Smith

A student cannot have an Award printed without their first name (unless the name has been changed legally, refer to Personal Details Amendment form) as confusion and possibly fraud could result.

If a student's name differs from passport, students are requested to complete a personal details amendment form with preferred name and supply a copy of passport to confirm changes.

Where a name has been printed on an Award, as per the confirmation of graduations letter, and the student wishes to have the Award reprinted to delete or show additional names, and this is consistent with the above procedure, there will be a fee payable. In instances where the School has completed the original application, the School may be liable to pay the reprint charge.

A student can have both their maiden/birth name and married name printed on their Award. Both names need to appear on Campus Solutions, usually a Personal Details Amendment form must be completed. Both surnames will be added to the Surname field in the University’s approved student management system, ie Smith nee Jones.

The name will appear on the Award as: Quentin Sam Smith nee Jones

Graduation ceremonies, testamur and completion letter distribution

Testamur and completion documents can only be released after verification that a student has met the program requirements.

The following documents (physical or digital versions) are produced by the graduation office on completion of program

  • Testamur
  • Transcript
  • Statement of Attainment/Achievement
  • Completion letter
  • Completion certificate

All students are invited to attend a graduation ceremony, where certification documents are presented. Students can choose to graduate in absentia and receive their documents outside of a graduation ceremony. Where students wish for their testamur/completion documents to be provided to a Partner Provider or third party for presentation or distribution written authority is required from the student to the Graduation Office, confirming this request as a form of graduation in absentia and that they will not be attending a Federation University graduation ceremony.

Supporting Documents



Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive TAFE (as the Approval Authority) is responsible for monitoring the implementation, outcomes and scheduled review of this procedure.

Dean of Students and Registrar (as the Document Owner) is responsible for maintaining the content of this procedure as delegated by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive TAFE.


The VET Awards Procedure will be communicated throughout the University via:

  1. an Announcement Notice under FedNews' website and through the University Policy - ‘Recently Approved Documents’ webpage to alert the University-wide community of the approved Policy;
  2. inclusion on the University's online Policy Library,
  3. Distribution of e-mails to Deans.


The Vocational Education and Training (VET) Awards Procedure is to be implemented throughout the University in the form of notices via:

  1. An announcement under FedNews website;
  2. The 'What's New' page on the Policy Central Website;
  3. Email to Deans, Student Services Directors and General Managers to promote within their areas;
  4. Listing in the Policy Central Newsletter to alert the University-wide community of the approved Policy.

Forms/Record Keeping

Title Location Responsible Officer Minimum Retention Period
Listing of Conferred Awards Council files Executive Officer, Council 30 years
Listing of Unsealed Awards Council files Executive Officer, Council 30 years
Testamur/Certificates/Completion documents not collected Graduations Office Registrar, Services 7 years
Application forms for replacement awards Graduations Office Registrar, Services

7 years

PROS16-07, 1.6.5

Personal Details Amendment Form Student HQ Student HQ One year