Replacement Testamurs

Replacement Testamurs Policy

Policy Code: SS1433


  1. A graduate may make application to the Secretary to Council for a replacement testamur, in the following circumstances:
    a. where a testamur has been lost or destroyed or damaged;
    b. where the graduate has changed his/her name.
  2. An applicant for a replacement testamur must either:
    a. surrender the damaged testamur or provide evidence by statutory declaration regarding loss or destruction of the testamur; or
    b. surrender the original testamur and provide a birth certificate or other suitable documentation regarding change of name (a birth certificate will be suitable for divorced women returning to their birth name. A birth certificate may also be appropriate in other circumstances, ie. for a person who has changed their name and their birth certificate has been re-issued in the new name).
  3. If the Secretary to Council determines the applicant has fulfilled the requirements under section 2, the Secretary to Council shall direct a replacement testamur be prepared and forwarded to the applicant, subject to the payment of a prescribed fee.
  4. A replacement testamur shall be in the form set out in the Schedule and must clearly state on its face that: "This is a replacement testamur".
  5. All replacement testamurs (including those which relate to antecedent institutions) will be issued in the institution name and in the approved testamur format which is in effect at the time of the replacement application.
  6. All replacement testamurs for awards issued by antecedent institutions will contain an acknowledgement of the antecedent institution and, for TAFE awards where appropriate, the name of the accrediting body.
  7. Replacement testamurs will not be presented at an award ceremony.