Withdrawal from All Studies Procedure (Higher Education)

Policy Code: SS1717


To describe the process that staff and students are required to follow in order for a student to withdraw from Higher Education studies.

This procedure applies to both domestic and international students regardless of the training delivery mode; on-campus off-campus, online and students studying through partner providers.


This procedure relates to all domestic and international students studying higher education programs from the point of initial indication of a wish to consider withdrawal through to final processing.

Students intending to transfer into another FedUni program should refer to the Internal Program Transfer form not the Amend your program status form.

This procedure facilitates Regulation 5.2: Entry Quotas and Admissions.


Term Definition
CUP: Centre for University Partnerships
Deferral: Postponement of the commencement of studies at Federation University.  Available only to commencing students who choose to defer the commencement of their studies until a later teaching period rather than accepting the offer to begin in the current teaching period
ESOS Act: Education Services for Overseas Students Act, as amended on occasion
Internal Transfer: A student enrolled in a FedUni program wishing to transfer to another FedUni program
Leave from Studies: A temporary absence from a program of study at any time after a student has accepted their offer into that program.  Commencing students who accept their offer and then decide that they don’t wish to commence their studies in the current teaching period should apply for leave from studies.
Program: A program of study leading to an official award or qualification of the University contained in University Schedule 5.1 or in Regulation 5.1
Program Coordinator: The member of staff who is the designated co-ordinator of the program from which the student wishes to withdraw  
Withdrawal: The complete cessation of enrolment in a program of study.  A student who withdraws from their program of studies forfeits their place in that program and must reapply for admission if they wish to resume in that program at a later date
Amend your program status form: The form used by a student to indicate that they wish to withdraw from their program of studies.


Students can express their intention to withdraw through a variety of methods, the completion of the withdrawal form, email or face to face communication.


Determine whether the student has accessed suitable intervention and support services and ensure the student is aware of the implications of their decision to withdraw.

FedUni staff member who received intention to withdraw

Students intending to transfer into another FedUni program should complete the Internal Program Transfer form.

The contacted staff member must ensure that the student is aware of their options and has accessed the appropriate support services to make an informed decision by referring to:

  • appropriate student support services;
  • Library Services (research and academic assistance);
  • Student Counsellor and/or member of Student Advisory Service;
  • School support staff for support;
  • Alternative study options or programs that might be of interest;

If the student has made their decision to withdraw and no further intervention is applicable, ensure the Amend your program status form is completed and process as per below steps.

Current and upcoming teaching period census dates should also be provided so the student is aware of when they will become financially liable for the courses.

2. International students studying at a partner location seek authorisation from the Centre for University Partnerships (CUP), Admissions or FedUni program provider International Students

This process is governed by the ESOS Act.

Refer FedUni ESOS Compliance Policy and Procedure

3. If the student makes the final decision to withdraw, completion of Amend your program status form is required. Student Student to submit the Amend your program status form to Student HQ.
4. Receive and date stamp form. Student HQ or CUP Current and upcoming teaching period census dates should be provided so the student is aware of any financial liability for the courses.

Record withdrawal on student record in the relevant Student Management Systems.

Student HQ or CUP  
6. Confirm the withdrawal has been processed with the student. Student HQ or CUP  
7. File the original withdrawal form. Student HQ or CUP In Student File and ECM.
8. Obtain list of withdrawals from Student Management System. School/ Centre Needed for noting at Programs Committees.
9. Notify academic staff of withdrawal. School/ Centre  
10. Gather and publish data on Student Attrition and Retention. Academic Services

Extract information from Student Management System to identify withdrawn students.

Match data for withdrawal reports.

Distribute reports as required.

Update annual program performance reports on Student Attrition and Retention.


Federation University Australia University registrar's Directorate have responsibility of the Withdrawal from All Studies Procedure. The specific responsibilities are identified in the action sections of this procedure.


The Withdrawal from Studies Procedure will be communicated throughout the University via:

  1. Information sessions and/or other relevant presentations such as meetings specific for the University; and/or
  2. An announcement under News on the home page of the University website and on the PAMS web page.
  3. Inclusion on the University's online Policy Library; and/or
  4. Distribution of memo to Deans, School Business Managers, CUP, Student Management and Systems, Student Connect, Partner Providers.


The Withdrawal from Studies Procedure (Higher Education) will be implemented throughout the University via:

  1. Training provided to staff in Student Services and Schools by their relevant Managers;
  2. the Information Brochure is still under development and will be made available once finalised.

Forms/ Record Keeping

Title Location Responsible Officer Minimum Retention Period
Amend your program status form (HE)

Student HQ


Manager, Student HQ


7 years after enrolment has expired
Internal Program Transfer form (HE)

Student HQ


Manager Student HQ


7 years after enrolment has expired
File Notes


Student Counselling

Program Coordinator

Student Counsellor

7 years