VET Program Approval

VET Program Approval and Maintenance Procedure
Legislative Context
Option One: Training Package Qualifications and Nationally Accredited Qualifications
Option Two: FedUni VET Training Qualifications (consisting of units of competency / national recognised modules)
Option Three: Adding Units and Modules
Option Four: Non-Award and / or Vendor Accredited Programs
Option Five: Skill Set Training
Section One: Training Packages / Nationally Accredited Qualifications
A: Adding a New Qualification to Scope
B: Adding a New Unit of Competency to Scope
C: Transition Arrangements for Equivalent Superseded Qualifications
D: Transition Arrangements for Non-Equivalent Superseded Qualifications
E: Removing a Qualification or Unit of Competency from Scope
F: Notification of Commencement of Delivery Outside of Victoria (Interstate or International)
G: Notification of Ceasing Delivery Outside of Victoria (Interstate or International)
H: Regular Review of the Scope
I: Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL)
J: Exceptions to the ASQA Delegate Status
K: Changes to Existing Training and Assessment Strategies
L: VET Loans Scheme
Section Two: University VET Training Programs (consisting of Units of Competency / Nationally Recognised modules) / Short Courses
Section Three: Adding Units / Modules
Section Four: Non-Award and / or Vendor Accredited Programs
Section Five: Skill Set Training
Nationally Endorsed Skill Sets
Locally Endorsed Skill Sets
Section Six: Schedule 5.1 / 5.1.1
Section Seven: Skills Victoria Training System
Supporting Documents
Records Management