Recently Approved Documents

The following documents are recently approved Policies, Procedures and Guidelines and are now available on the Policy Search for University-wide use.

Academic Delegations Change Procedure
Policy Editor:
Policy Sponsor: Chair, Academic Board
Approval Authority: Academic Board
Status: Approved and Published 27-Mar-20
Notes: Approved for publication by Academic Board Resolution AB1/20/6.
Security Procedure
Policy Editor: Manager, Risk Health & Safety
Policy Sponsor: Manager, Risk Health & Safety
Approval Authority: Vice-Chancellor
Status: Approved and Published 10-Mar-20
Notes: small grammar edit made (AH)
Travel Procedure
Policy Editor: Business Support Analyst, Finance
Policy Sponsor: Manager, Financial Services
Approval Authority: Director, Finance
Status: Approved and Published 03-Mar-20
Notes: Update to form under supporting documents. (AH)