Higher Education Awards Procedure

Policy code: CG2015
Policy owner: Director, Student Services and Registrar
Approval authority: Chief Learner Experience Officer
Approval date: 03 June 2024
Next review date: 03 June 2027


This procedure describes the administrative processes for the issuing and reissuing of higher education sealed awards. This procedure also includes the process for the destruction of awards.


This procedure applies to all students issued with a higher education sealed award at Federation University including those enrolled with a third party provider. It also applies to students receiving higher degree by research awards. For the procedure relating to TAFE awards, see Vocational Education and Training (VET) Awards Procedure.

Legislative Context


Term Definition
Academic Board The Academic Board is the principal academic body of the
University. The purpose of Academic Board is twofold: academic
oversight of courses and units of study in Higher Education
and Vocational Education and Training in the University; and
advice of an academic nature to Council on the conduct and
content of those courses and units.
Academic Transcript A record of a student’s results for the duration of the student’s enrolment at the University.
Assessment A variety of methods or tools used to evaluate, document and facilitate academic progress and achievement, to confirm that an individual can perform to the required standard.
AHEGS The Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS) provides information on a student's higher education qualification, the institution at which the qualification was obtained and the Australian higher education system in one easy to read document.
AQF Australian Qualifications Framework. A nationally consistent set of qualifications for all post-compulsory education and training in Australia.
Unit An individual subject of study.
Curriculum Documents Course / Unit descriptor documents approved by an accrediting body at the National, State or the University level, including Training Packages.
Identify Potential Graduates (IPG) The identify potential graduates process in the University’s approved student management system identifies students who appear to have met the course structure rules as defined in the approved course structure and thus are potentially eligible to graduate, subject to the confirmation of other graduation criteria contained in the curriculum rules of the course that may not be fully referenced in the systematic IPG process.
Course Structured education or training consisting of a number of units/subjects usually leading to the award of a qualification.
Sealed Awards AQF certification documentation, formally authenticated by the University and issued only to a learner who has been assessed as meeting the requirements of the qualification.
Approved list of current courses A listing of the University academic awards approved for issue by the University Council.

Sealed Awards

1. Identifying Potential Graduates

A.      Course structure established in the University’s approved student management system. Coordinator, Program Administration
B. Review Study Plan

Student Administration/Global Professional School

  1. Confirm study plan is up to date and set to approved.
C. Ratify results Deans/Executive Deans, GRS, GPS, Institute/School Board
  1. Ratify results.
  2. After ratification of GraduateResearchSchool results the Completions Office (graduate@federation.edu.au) will be copied into the email the student with their completion letter from GRS to confirm completion. This will include the thesis title and synopsis which will be confirmed by the student and used at the graduation ceremony.
D.     Publish results Coordinator, Student Administration
  1. Publish results in line with Higher EducationAssessment Procedure
E. Update study plan to eligible to graduate for course work students Automated system process and Student Administration/Global Professional School if required.
  1. System process auto updates study plans for course work students in fdlGrades to eligible to graduate if requirements are met.
  2. Any exceptions not set through the system process will be managed by Student Administration or Global Professional School staff.
F.      Run the Identify Potential Graduates (IPG) Process. Coordinator Program Administration
  1. Run the IPG process in the University’s student management system as scheduled and forward list to Coordinator, Course Administration for verification checks

2. Confirmation of Eligibility and Notification

A.    Confirm eligibility to graduate Coordinator Program Administration
  1. Check that approved curriculum requirements have been met.
  2. Note: for GRSstudents a copy of the completion email must have been received from the Dean of Graduate Studies confirming the completion date.
  3. Where the rules are unable to be verified systematically, ask the Institutes/School to confirm completion of the necessary criteria and provide details of such criteria for future reference.
    Note: This may also require escalation to the Executive Dean for verification
  4. Complete initial checks on the same day as the IPG is run.

Note: If completion is more than 10 years ago, this must be identified on the Council List and the completion date is printed at the bottom of the testamur.

B.           Update eligibility Coordinator Program Administration
  1. Update eligibility in the University’s approved student management system
  2. Identify eligible Honours and Distinction students and update the University’s approved student management system.
  3. Identify students requiring registration to government bodies eg VIT and AHPRA. Advise as required
  4. For Research graduates, update thesis title and synopsis/summary in the student management system.
C.          Generate Council List. Coordinator Program Administration
  1. Run system conferral process and generate Council List.
  2. Verify that courses on Council List are current on Current and Non Current course lists.
D.           Conduct final quality assurance checks. Coordinator Program Administration
  1. Conduct final comparison of students between Council List and verified student list.
  2. Forward the Council List to the Chair, Academic Board and Chancellor (or authorised delegate).
E.           Approve Council List. Chair, Academic Board and Chancellor (or authorised delegate).
  1. Approve list within five (5) working days.

3. Producing Sealed Awards

A.      Produce awards. Coordinator Program Administration

When notification of Council List approval:

  1. Produce awards.
  2. Ensure awards comply with AQF and TEQSA standards
  3. Compare with approved Council List
  4. Check quality of documents
B.      Produce transcripts and AHEGs Graduation Officer
  1. Ensure required information is compliant with the AQF, TEQSA standards and AHEGS guidelines.
C.      Upload digital graduation documents Graduation Officer
  1. Upload awards, academic transcripts and AHEGS to the My eQuals portal and check to ensure information is uploaded correctly.
  2. Note: all awards uploaded must have a USI unless they are an off shore international student.
D.    Collate graduation documents Coordinator Program Administration
  1. Collate award, academic transcript and AHEGS
E. Student Communication Graduation Officer
  1. Advise students of options to attend a graduation ceremony or graduate In Absentia.

4. Destroying Uncollected Sealed Awards




A.      Create Award Disposal List Coordinator Program Administration
  1. Determine which awards have been uncollected for more than 7 years since conferral date
  2. Create a list with details of awards to be destroyed and forward to the University Registrar

Note: students wishing to collect/receive a destroyed testamur will need to apply for re-issue refer to 5. Re-Issuing Sealed Awards (lost, stolen, name change, destroyed)

B.      Approve Award Disposal List University Registrar
  1. Approve list and send to Coordinator Program Administration
C.      Forward list and documents for destruction Coordinator Program Administration
  1. Forward approved list to Corporate Governance to arrange destruction
D.      Destroy original awards Executive Officer to Council
  1. Shred the original award in accordance with the University's approved records disposal process.
E. Complete confirmation of destruction form Executive Officer to Council
  1. Complete a Revoked Testamur – Confirmation of Destruction Form.
  2. Send to Council for noting

Re-Issued Awards

1. Re-Issue of Awards




A.         Apply in writing for a replacement award Student
  1. Complete the relevant application form for replacement award and submit via CRM.
B.     Verify original award details Coordinator Program Administration
  1. Check details from approved student management system/register of awards against application details to confirm eligibility
C. Prepare memo for approval by Chair, Academic Board and Chancellor where required Coordinator Program Administration
  1. Include details of the original award in approved format and submit to Chair, Academic Board and Chancellor where appropriate for approval
D. Approve memo Chair, Academic Board and Chancellor (or authorised delegate)
  1. Approve list email within five (5) working days.
E. Produce awards Coordinator Program Administration
  1. Produce awards within five (5) working days.
    Note: The following wording is to appear on the award, unless administration error or previous destruction


 Note: All replacement graduation documents (including those which relate to antecedent institutions) will be issued in the institution name and format which is in effect at the time of the replacement application.

F. Release reissued documents Coordinator Program Administration
  1. Upload all documents to the My eQuals portal and mail hard copy of all documents to student.

Student's Name on a Sealed Award

Students can choose the name that is either their enrolment name or a generally acceptable variant of that name, ie Johnathan David Smith

  • can print Johnathan David Smith
  • can print John David Smith
  • can print John Smith

A student cannot have an Award printed without their first name (unless the name has been changed legally, refer to Personal Details Amendment form) as confusion and possibly fraud could result.

If a student's name differs from passport, students are requested to complete a personal details amendment form with preferred name and supply a copy of passport to confirm changes.

Where a name has been printed on an Award, as per the confirmation of graduation letter, and the student wishes to have the Award reprinted to delete or show additional names, and this is consistent with the above procedure, there will be a fee payable.

A student can have both their maiden/birth name and married name printed on their Award. Both names need to appear on Campus Solutions, usually a Personal Details Amendment form must be completed. Both surnames will be added to the Surname field in Campus Solutions, ie Smith nee Jones.

The name will appear on the Award as: Sarah Jane Smith nee Jones

Graduation ceremonies, testamur and completion letter distribution

Testamur and completion documents can only be released after verification that a student has met the course requirements and has a USI and no service indicator on their student record to stop graduation processing.

Note: USI not required in the following circumstances for international students

  • International students who commenced their studies prior to 1 January 2023, did not access commonwealth financial assistance and are offshore at the time their award is conferred
  • International students who have completed all training offshore

The following documents (physical or digital versions) are produced by the completions office on completion of course:

  • Testamur
  • Transcript
  • Statement of Attainment/Achievement
  • Completion letter
  • Completion certificate/digital badge

All students are invited to attend a graduation ceremony, where certification documents are presented. Students can choose to graduate in absentia and receive their documents outside of a graduation ceremony.

Where students wish for their testamur/completion documents to be provided to a Partner Provider or third party for presentation/distribution written authority is required from the student to the Completions Office.


  • Chief Learner Experience Officer (as the Approval Authority) is responsible for monitoring the implementation, outcomes and scheduled review of this procedure.
  • Director, Student Services and Registrar (as the Document Owner) is responsible for maintaining the content of this procedure as delegated by the Approval Authority.


The Higher Education Awards Procedure will be communicated throughout the University via:

  1. An Announcement Notice under FedNews' website and through the University Policy - ‘Recently Approved Documents’ webpage to alert the University-wide community of the approved Policy;
  2. Inclusion on the University's online Policy Library;
  3. Distribution of e-mails to Executive Deans, Institutes/Schools and Director, Academic Operations.


The Higher Education Awards Procedure will be implemented throughout the University via:

  1. A FedNews announcement;
  2. The 'What's New'page on the Policy Central Website;
  3. Memo to Executive Deans, Schools and Business Managers and the Directors;
  4. Listing in ‘Recently Approved Documents’ page on the University’s Policy Central website..

Records Management

Title Location Responsible Officer Minimum Retention Period
Listing of Awards conferred Council Files

Executive Officer,


30 years
Testamur/Certificates/Completion documents not collected Completions office Coordinator Program Administration

7 years

PROS16-07, 1.6.5

Application forms for replacement awards Completions office Coordinator Program Administration  
Amend your Personal Details Form Student Administration Coordinator Student Administration One year